What are the legal aspects to check before buying any property?

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Buying a property has always been a challenge for people. It is important to get to with the best properties for one because this is something that they are going to cherish for a lifetime. Among the various important things that they must check with the should also have a checklist for the legal aspects.

After all, you do not want to end up with the property that has legal problems for itself. With the best real estate builders in Mumbai you can get to with the best properties, but then again checking with the legal aspects is necessary. We will help you realize that what these exactly are.

The best legal aspects to check:

Following is the list of various legal aspects to necessarily check with:

  • The layout plans:

The layout plans are the most legal documents that you can get your hands on. This particular thing vouches for the place that you are selecting for yourself. One must understand that these layout plans must be authorized and approved by the governing body. Also, they must come under the exact rules and regulations of the government specified layouts.

  • The Identity of the seller:

The Identity of the seller is extremely necessary aspect when it comes to checking with the legal documents. One must realize that the identity of the salary is important because this is going to play a major role in the future when it comes to determining the ownership of the property. Check with the status and the legal documents of the seller and the relationship that he has with the property.

  • The IOD:

Also known as the intimation of disapproval, this particular set is a set of various documents obtained by the constructor. These documents come from various departments that can guarantee that the particular building of the flat is definitely up to the mark when it comes to residing in the same. It is one important document that you must not miss out on.

  • The deed of the title:

This is a document that clearly talks about the ownership of the property. With this particular deed, you will come to know that whether or not the particular building is owned by the Builder. You will also know that whether or not he has the right that allows him to sell or rent the property. The title deed is essential for you and can be considered as one of the most important documents.

  • The Occupancy certificate:

If the seller wants to sell the property, then they must have access to the Occupancy certificate from the government body. This particular certificate proves the right of Occupancy for the particular person that he is about to sell the property to. You will, therefore, need to have a look at this particular certificate, and if the seller is genuine, they will have the same.

  • The encumbrance certificate:

It is essential for you to have a check on the encumbrance certificate. It will allow you to understand that if or not the property is under any debt or burden. Because if it is already under debt or the burden, it will be transferred to you along with the property if you are not careful about it.

  • Legal problems with relatives:

This is certainly another of the problems that you may want to avoid when it comes to taking handover of a particular property. You must have access to the NOC certificate claiming that there are no relatives to fight over the property any longer later on.

These are some of the major legal things that you must check with when it comes to taking care of the legal aspects when buying a particular property.

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