Unique and bold office interiors in Mumbai

What do you think a quality at work is – the presentations, organized desks, brilliant minds, knife-like sharp communication or accuracies like calculators, great hospitality for each and every customer, finishing the works on time and meeting the deadlines, targeting new clients, a performance that helps you stand out for high-end selling of premium products? But can it all be achieved without creativity and calmness? Yes, creativity is the key for everything yet that can never take place in absence of a perfect working environment for your job. One of the new story published last year speaks about a color theory which states that the human mind behaves differently at different places it due to the aura, designs, shapes and colors and atmosphere too and color plays a vital and specific role. As yellow is a happy color. Also, some shapes, designs, and themes can be too depressing or mood lifting.

Sometimes you enter in a place suddenly you feel great like the sense of positivity and transition. Well, the major share of the credit can be given to the space changers too. We definitely want to leave an everlasting experience on the footfall of clients, customers, associates and partners to feel good about you carry the refection you wish to create on them.

For that everlasting impression, you need one of the expert and professional. At the place like Mumbai where every day new office is in the process, an increased monotony is taking over at this moment you definitely need the best office interior designers in Mumbai and at AVN who promise you a Unique and Bold office design being considerate about the modern work life for your workspace. A promising interior that reflects your personality and depicts your work can be a rapport builder.

Customizing the interior to create a better room for the functionality of the material, designs, amenities, equipment, and functionality is the new fashion. And one of our project at LEGEND SIROYA shows the concept of customization basis on client’s core needs. Every small piece has brought together to create an elegant structure and a tall concrete wall gives a never-ending image in mind. Initial few steps of the workspace will take your attention for being so sophisticatedly designed yet perfect to sit or to have a small discussion that is just at the beginning of staircase leading to director office and layered with mystery and drama that gives the visitors an undying experience. It is a complete office that displays the hidden traditional pieces of architecture packed in perfect modern designs.

Smart is trending, so the smart home and smart offices too, here we also offer modular smart furniture too which can turn your big space into bigger and small into spacious with the modular furniture and assets. An office is imperfect without a piece of perfect furniture that is beautiful, stylish, chic and yet relaxed. We promise perfect furniture to complete the look with your theme.

Even after having an amazing and luxurious home, most of the time we spend in our offices being an employee and also being an employer. And as an employer you never want your employees to feel the urge to pack up and go home early or for an entire day their mind is at home only, in this case it is your responsibility to create a friendly workplace by not just verbal and written policies but also by forming a perfect place to be in for work as ASID studies also show that the interior of your surrounding can also Improve one’s experience at work, positively affecting their concentration, stress levels, and mood. To achieve these objectives, it is important to understand how different colors, themes interact with each other and also with other elements such as lighting, textiles, and patterns.

Every work and brand have specific demands, sometimes it needs to be matched with already known logo, brand and product’s colors also. And while understanding the need of your business we create chic designs which form a unique and bold office for you which reflects not just your brand image but also the kind of work character the management holds. We got expertise in handling all sort of workspaces whether big or small space, too high or mid-budgeted and also in implementing the themes skillfully.

One of such above mentioned is our another piece of creation at Property Bulls office which is huge modern office designed on client’s requirements and vision and our skills that gave it simple and clean skills, added the natural elements by enhancing the organic forms of wood panels creating the influencing character to this rectangular space. The use of more glass elements and glass door offers a rich glimpse to the visitors and better light in entire space and the subtle colors add the warmth and ambiance.


Our years of practice has just not given us an identity in the field of art, creations, designs of interiors of homes, offices, commercial buildings and architecture in Mumbai but also made us experienced and proficient with huge capabilities to take and overcome the challenges for every sort of dimension and space and bring out the fairy and imaginative creativity. It skilled us to play with colors, characters, shapes, designs, antique, natural elements, and functionality of the amenities and furniture while understanding the needs of every individual client.

Whether you establish a small office of two people or a full-fledged office for a big team you just narrate your story we will draw it in real. We recommend you to see our work at which will give the wider view of our work portfolio for best office designs in Mumbai. Definitely, if you are someone who believes in making things talk of the town and carries a unique style in taste you cannot take your eyes off the designs. We are available on call, for meetings and discussion or you can visit our studio and feel our designs. For more update, you can also subscribe to our Facebook page –



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