• What are the drain cleaning methods that plumbers usually use?

    Have you ever considered drain cleaning as part of your home maintenance?  Perhaps not because most or preferably none of the homeowners or property owners pay attention to drain cleaning unless they face problems like clogged drains that can result in water pooling or flooding or emit a foul smell that vitiates the environment and affect health. When you see water backup in toilets or the sink drain gets clogged or sewer lines leak, you should call an Arlington TX plumber.

    Drains can clog for various reasons, but the most common is the accumulation of a plaque-like residue inside pipes that blocks the passage of water and slows down draining, which, if allowed to persist, will result in water backing up the toilet or sink. If you hear a gurgling sound, get the alert, and take some steps to clear the pipeline to avoid any bigger problem.

    Here are some methods of drain cleaning that plumbers usually use.

    Chemical cleaning

    The sludge that builds up inside pipes tends to solidify and narrow the passage of water, thereby slowing down the draining process. Neglecting the early signs will only aggravate the problems. If you feel slowing down of the draining process, use some chemical to dissolve or disintegrate the accumulated sludge to restore the pipe opening and allow normal flow of water. Chemical drain cleaning products are readily available in solid or liquid form and read the instructions on the package to understand how to use it. However, be careful to choose the cleaning chemical by ensuring that it does not damage the pipe material and not harmful to humans. 

    Airburst cleaning

    The method of air burst drain cleaning consists of using carbon dioxide for cleaning clogged pipes. When the gas is forced into pipes, it creates a massive force that dislodges the sludge and breaks it down into small pieces so that it is carried away when water flows through the pipe and clears the passage of water. This method of cleaning is especially useful to clean pipes that are usually not accessible by other means. 

    Snakes for drain cleaning

    Snake is a standard drain cleaning tool used by plumbers and consists of a long flexible wire or shaft about a quarter-inch in diameter, known as a drain snake or plumbing auger. The cleaning starts by inserting one end of the drain snake that contains a cock screw from one end of the pipe and gradually pushing it through the pipe by unwinding the crank at the other end of the drain snake. As the snake progresses, the cock screw cuts through the sludge and cleans the pipe.

    Hydro jetting

    Hydro jetting is the most advanced drain cleaning technique that uses high-pressure water streams to clean clogged pipes. The equipment consists of a hose pipe fitted with a powerful nozzle that can discharge water as high pressure of 35,000 psi. After inserting the nozzle in the pipe or drain, the high pressure of water forces out the accumulated sludge. This process is suitable for cleaning long drain pies that completely clears the blockage.

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