The benefits of selling your home to a house buying company

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How fast you want to sell your house is one of the most important considerations when deciding whether to engage a real estate agent. Although hiring a real estate agent to sell homes is the most traditional and simplified method of selling homes, there are some downsides. You must depend on your agent to get the right buyer, and a lot depends on the agent’s marketing skill and expertise to quickly strike a good deal. Moreover, there is no certainty about the time it would take to close the deal because the buyer might need some time to arrange for finances. Paying the agent’s commission means that there are chances that you might not be able to recover it from the sale proceeds and be ready to accept a lower price for the property.

When you decide to sell my property fast, a superior house buyer will offer you a several options at fair market price.

Sell your home directly and fast

Besides the traditional way of selling houses, for faster closing deals as quickly as within a week and receiving fast cash, you can sell it directly to a buyer without involving a real estate agent. In this case, the buyer would not be an individual but a company that advertises ‘we buy houses‘ Such companies are ready to buy any property in the condition that it exists along with other liabilities like mortgage, liens, and foreclosures and pay up in cash while handling all the paperwork by themselves. It comes as a great relief for home sellers who are in a hurry to sell the house in a jiffy.


Speedy deals

All that home sellers must do is to offer their property to a company that buys houses who will then assess the property by undertaking an inspection. The company will consider if the offer meets their buying criteria. If they find it, workable will present a written offer for the property within 24 hours, but without any obligations. The companies have the necessary resources and infrastructure and finances to push the deal through speedily and, if needed, close the deal in a week or even earlier if the seller wants. There are instances of closing deals within 24 hours, but these are exceptions.

Money-saving deals

These types of transaction best suits people who want fast cash and are looking to speedily close the deal. They might be in a hurry to cope with some situations like foreclosure, divorce settlement, death of a family member, or any other situation when they are hard-pressed for money. As these deals do not involve any real estate agent or a third party, you save the money you would have to pay as the agent’s commission.   

Another way you save money from such deals is that you need not undertake any renovation of the makeover of the property for selling. The buyer accepts the property in its present condition and offers a price accordingly.

When you consider the overall savings and the fast transaction and cash payment, you do not mind accepting a price lower than the market price because you know that having a bird in the hand in like two in the bush.