What are Structured Tiles?

People are always on the lookout for new and improved ways of designing homes as it’s not very often that styles can be changed. It makes sense to stick with the latest trend, so that your house looks stylish for as long as possible.

While aspects such as paint and interior designing are vital to create an aesthetic appeal, tiling is another important aspect that can’t be emphasized enough. An innovative way of tiling your homes is going for structured tiles.

Wondering what structured tiles are? The word ‘structured’ refers to the way these tiles are constructed. They are produced in a way that different surface textures are formed within the raw material. The tiles are pressed in moulds to create undulating surface designs with raised and sunken parts. The exact design would depend on how the press has been configured to produce a particular design.

Allow us to take you through a guided tour of how structured tiles can enhance the visual appearance of homes and why they are the recommended options.


Is there any difference between structured, textured, and raised tiles? Are they all the same?

The answer to this one is “yes” and “no”. Split-face or structured tiles are composed of individual pieces of natural stones (usually slate or marble) that vary in shape and thickness.

There are uncanny similarities between a structured tile and textured or raised tiles. However, the main difference is that a structured tile is a singular, solid-state tile in which the randomised appearance of the various pieces is actually baked in to form one singular tile.

What are structured tiles composed of?

Structured tiles are made of both ceramic and porcelain materials, which offer them the property of durability similar to their smoother counterparts. Material-wise, porcelain tiles has an advantage over ceramic because it produces a more durable tile that has higher resistance to scratch or damage. In case small chips do happen, they are less evident since the clay is of the same colour all the way through the tile.

How do you make the best use of structured tiles?

Smooth structured tiles like that in the Stoneway range have the potential to bring your room to life and can be used anywhere. Designed to resemble natural stones, the Stoneway range is great for use in kitchens, hallways, bathrooms or conservatories. They not just add style and creativity but give the room an organic and natural feel as well. Other than that, how you use the tiles depends on their patterns. It’s quite unlikely that one will cover the entire wall with structured tiles like Ordi Beige or Imotion Inox Metallic. However, if you do, you’ll have great feature walls.

How to ensure proper care and maintenance of structured tiles?

The care protocol for structured tiles is somewhat similar to that for ceramic and porcelain tiles. While some porcelain tiles made from micro-porous porcelain need a post-installation sealing, matte porcelain and ceramic tiles generally do not require this kind of treatment. But, at the end of the day, it all depends on the type of material the tile is made from. The bottom line: make sure you check the manufacturers’ advice before installing and sealing. Structured tiles that are made up of natural stone need sealing after they’ve been fitted. All in all, when it comes to cleaning structured tiles, it’s advisable to follow the same procedure and routine as you would for that specific type of regular tile.

Are structured tiles the in-thing?

They absolutely are. In the not-so-recent past, the demand for structured tiles has blown up massively and interior designers and DIYers alike are actively incorporating them into their design schemes. One particular trend that’s showing no signs of abating is the creation of a feature wall within a shower cubicle. Furthermore, structured tiles are aesthetically versatile, too, so they can easily create visual intrigue.

It is not everyday that you renovate your place so it’s really important that the one time you do it, you do it right. It’s very important to choose the right tiles from the right place. Check out the Orientbell Tiles’ website to find an amazing collection of structured tiles. The detailed filters on their website will help you find your desired tile in a hassle-free and convenient way. The best part about the website is that you can even purchase your tiles from the comfort of your home. Happy Tiling!

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