Designer:  STIAN HERDAL.

    Though I may not be one myself, I am well aware of how protective owners of Vinyl records are. Add a turntable to the mix, and it’s almost like a tigress protecting her newborn cubs. Understanding this very emotion intricately, the furniture designer Stian Herdal (or you may know him by his alter ego HRDL) decided to create ‘The Vinyl Table’.

    A mid-century inspired modern record player stand, cabinet, and storage unit, the piece is made from a combination of Oak and Valchromat. The vintage piece allows you to display your turntable and all your vinyl records that may have been gathering dust in storage. Oh, and did I mention it’s made to order? The handmade piece can be customized on request, and you have a choice between spider legs or pencil legs!

    But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. This blast from the past can store about 200 of your most prized records, but that is only one of its highlights. Herdal has packed in another surprise; a distinguished ‘sliding tambour door’. Now, using this door is not only functionally brilliant but is also experience by itself. Every aspect of this well thought out design captures the old world charm, including the rustle of wood panels as they slide smoothly to reveal the cabinet within. The tambour door gives you access to the interiors of the cabinet, providing a perfect hideaway to store your amplifier and other equipment while this beautifully designed woodwork is bound to evoke nostalgia for modern-day design enthusiasts and audiophiles.

    Simple, finely-crafted and timeless, the Vinyl Table is bound to capture not only your attention but your heart, allowing you to give your records the royal treatment they deserve. It is not a piece of furniture, but an experience providing you with an opportunity to worship all things vinyl!

    Designer: Stian Herdal

    Source: Yanko Design      

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