How to Keep Your House Tidy After Having a Baby

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After having a baby, the responsibilities of caring for him or her, while keeping the house tidy can be extremely tiring. Usually, babies cannot sit and play quietly on their own while you tidy up the house.

Once you have a baby, your home will never be the same. From feeding, changing diapers, doing the laundry and cleaning. Your overflowing list of tasks can be overwhelming. Ensuring that your home is clean and safe for your baby is essential for the health and wellbeing of your family. Here are creative ideas from Clean Zen on how to keep your house tidy after having a baby. Additionally, visit our website to learn about new tips and new cleaning technologies.

Be organized

Having a baby is one of those life-changing moments that add so much to your life. It also creates a need for organizing and adapting. You do not have a lot of time to pick up additional clutter for misplaced items. So have a place for everything. It is advisable to take about 10 -15 minutes at the end of each day to plan for the next day and get things ready for them.

Accept lending hands

When friends and family offer to help you, perhaps to fold the laundry, accept with open arms.  Babysitting for even an hour while you clean can help.  You can also share the load with your partner, not necessarily 50/50.

But, for instance, doing the laundry while the other folds them. Allowing others to help with household chores makes it possible for you to focus your energy on making a healthy adjustment for your newborn baby.


Performing more than one task at a time is sometimes said to be a waste of time. Because you won’t be able to pay sufficient attention and you will end up making mistakes. When multitasking, it is essential to know the tasks to perform together to enhance productivity. For example,while watching television, you can fold the laundry or vacuum during a commercial break. Or unload the dishwasher while on the phone.

Try to involve your baby

When your baby is awake, he or she will always want to be around you. Not caring where ever you are. Of course, you do not expect a 6 month old baby to vacuum or clean. But when cooking or washing dishes, put the baby in the baby sitter in an area out of danger; where they can see you.

And sing or communicate with them while doing your chores. A great idea is also to use a baby carrier to bring baby along. Wearing your baby frees your hands, and will enable you not only to start but actually complete a task.

Create a daily cleaning schedule

Always try to follow your cleaning schedule, prioritize things as in you and your baby’s health first, your sanity, vital household tasks like food preparation, and everything else follows. This allows you to take care of essentialduties first before others.

Simplify when possible

For instance, do not always buy clothes that require ironing. Make sure you take advantage of time-savers such astake-outs. Sometimes buy baby foods rather than preparing everything yourself. You can also use paper plates when entertaining.

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  • I found the section you talked about involving the baby enlightening. Babies can be entertained too while you carry on with your house chores.

    Great article l must say.

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