Vaisselle-Art Retail Store | Amogh Architecture and Interior

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Vaisselle-Art Retail Store | Amogh Architecture and Interior

Vaisselle is state of art retail store of fine tableware and porcelain crockery spread across 850 sq ft. Out of the ordinary, client wanted to have a unique store where displayed products are merged to the space acting out whole as one. Ambience of space has been designed such that it complements the displayed products.

We at Amogh faced a unique challenge of designing a space in 6 weeks, which is quirky, eccentric and yet classy resonating to the luxe line of crockery sold. As soon as door opens you are welcomed by the warm hues of grey with throw of olive green which adds freshness to the space. Interior is eclectic mix of wood and metal. The timelessness of Moroccan ceiling adds the fourth dimension. And the white marble flooring adds sense of belonging to the displayed products. Track lights has been chosen wisely to electrify the space and focuses the products but yet maintains a subtle feel to it. Artefacts, murals and planters are strictly made with products sold by client. A very simple but eye catching mural has been made of plates which has been painted to create a story.

On the contrary wall -a mural made with the fusion of various old products sold is painted in a single green colour and arranged against the wooden batten counter striking its surroundings. The chandelier made of white tea cups arranged at various levels makes a divergence against the wall colours.

Teapots and cups are used for indoor plantation which works as a smart display idea as well as shows the multi utility of the product. DIY rustic wooden clock cannot be missed. A small marble infused coffee table has been placed at a corner paired with two plush and cushioned chairs for comfortable sitting over informal discussions and meetings. The stereotype display shelf of glass is nowhere to be seen and display boxes are combination of metal mesh and wood.

Open displays are a wood work with mix of metal rods in fabrication. Every display shelf has been designed in such a way that they can easily be part of any indoor ambience. Special high table has been made for display of crystals and decanters which gives the feel of how the bar would like. As we move in the store, we can see different light fixtures and they change as displayed range of product changes. It breaks the monotonous aura of the place.

The wall of steel frame at entrance acts as transparent barrier accommodating the displayed products as well as the planters. This wall allows partial see through in the store and creates a moment of curiosity to have a glance inside. Our designing approach to it was to break the stereotype image of crockery store. And through all this small design decisions- as together we tried to make the store speak for itself.


Design: Amogh Architecture and Interior
Executive Contractor: Nilkanth Furniture
Furniture: In- house customized
Upholstery: D’ décor

Lights : Southwest Enterprise
Photography: Incline Studio

Project Featuring- Vaisselle Store
Project: Vaisselle -beyond luxury
Area: 850 sq ft.
Location: Sindhu Bhavan road, Ahmedabad
Architect: Pankti Shah
Client: Pramesh Shah

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