Using The Best Furnishing Options For A Debt Free Home Décor Challenge

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When you first bought a place to call your own, it was a mere 1 BHK apartment, which was not more than 600 square feet. So, it is needless to say that the little bit of furnishing items that you had was not at all enough to furnish the 4 BHK flat that you just moved in, after years. You successful invested some bucks in quality housing help, and got yourself the dream house you have always craved for. So, as a new homeowner, it is understandable that the temptation to just run out on credit cards uses and charge accounts with furniture is way too common.

You would like to take help of the credit cards to buy anything and everything possible for home décor, which will quickly run dry if you fail to pay the debt you have burden yourself with. But, not everyone is so foolish to take that extra load of debt. They know that it takes time to decorate a house and they will do so gladly, without making it a difficult choice on your loan platform. You are already going through home loan, so adding yet another new one is the least thing you could consider. There are some debt-free ways available to furnish your house and it is time to know that. For that, you can get along with and enjoy immediate help to say the least.

Need to rank homes based on priority before decorating:

It is hard to come across any rule while states that your house needs to be completed within a span of 6 months, fully furnished. If you have the power and money you can cover it within 3 months. On the other hand, you can actually take time; say a year or more, for decorating your house, depending on the budget you have created for it.

  • House is always stated to be one long time commitment. If you don’t rush too much, you might get better ideas with time, as you get time to think about it.
  • Slow down and then you can let the decorating takes place in one relaxed pace. Not just rushing up ideas, but you can also give yourself enough time to just save up some of the big purchases.

The first priority in terms of home décor is going to be living room, where you are about to spend quite a great deal of time, when you are no feeling sleepy. You have your TV and PlayStation in this room as well.  So, you better start redecorating the living room. Once that it done, it is time for the dining room, where you will spend time with the people over food. Lastly, you have master bedroom as the third room in your list to cover.

Time to add craigslist to the bookmarks bar:

There are so many types of items that you can easily purchase from Craigslist and all will help you out in one way or the other. Searching through some of the new listings on CL is daily part of so many people in here and as part of their daily routine. It is more like checking emails on a daily basis!

  • If you have the eyes for it, you can actually score some hidden gems on Craigslist. However, the key is going to be consistency and patience.
  • There are times, when you might not find out what you are looking for on the site, but if you end up checking out it a bit, you will get what you want within a couple of weeks.
  • Search is all you need as that will improve your odds of finding the best or perfect price for your house that you have been looking for.
  • You don’t need to think and can easily negotiate the price. It will help you to be safe. Make sure to research the neighborhood before you go for it and bring along a friend with you.
  • Make sure to schedule the pickup times during broad daylight hours and always in the public place if you can. You want as many people around you as possible while making such a transaction.
  • Nothing will work better than your try judgment. If you think that something is wrong and you are not quite happy with the interactions you have made online or in person with that seller, then back up and leave that situation immediately, to say the least.

If you are purchasing new furniture always ask for a cash discount:

While you have got most of your items second hand, there are two items which you should always get new and invest some bucks on it. The first one got to be the mattress and another one is the living room sofa.

  • Other than some of the obvious sanitary reasons for purchasing a brand new mattress, it is also associated with the life expectancy. A mattress is supposed to last for 8 long years. So, if you buy a new one, you will receive 8 long years of service, which is not available with second hand items.
  • Even if the old college mattress is giving you that soft and comfortable sleep, it might not be doing justice to your spinal cord, and you won’t realize it unless it gets too late. You are not getting younger day by day, so you have to work hard to find all the ways for avoiding unnecessary back aches and discomfort while you can.
  • Once done with mattress, you have living room sofa, which is one of the most used furniture of your place. If you spend less for that item, then you will end up with an uncomfortable and saggy sofa. So, while shopping at the furnishing stores, ask for the durability and years of services the sofa might give you.

Not just content, but purchasing new furnishing items with cash will help you to get some good discounts on the items, which you might want to grab in. So, don’t forget to ask about that!

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