Frederick Roofing Company Offers $250 off Roof Replacement Services

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If the roof in your home is getting old, then it is time to get this replaced with a new one. This home improvement task is quite pricey for sure, but safety comes first. Post weighing the merits and demerits of new roof installation you will discover that this investment is worth it.

Benefits Galore

  • Energy Efficiency- The moment an old roof starts to deteriorate, it will allow heat in escaping from the home during the winter, thereby boosting the energy costs. When a new roof is installed properly, it will offer a strong seal from the elements as well as lower the healing costs. Moreover, dark roofs will help in absorbing heat which will boost the cooling price during the summer. Rather by choosing a roof of a lighter color, you can actually save some cash on the AC too.


  • Manufacturer’s Warranty- In case of an old roof, the warranty of the manufacturer on the shingles is likely to get expired. The majority of the quality, new asphalt shingles provide a warranty covering about 25 years while others also offer 50 years warranty. By installing a new roof through a renowned professional such as Semper West Roofing experts, you can breathe a sigh of relief learning that will last for a long time. But remember, the warranty of the manufacturer needs you in getting the installation done through qualified and certified roofing contractors.


  • Increased Safety- Most people that reside under worn-out, damaged or old roofs do not take into consideration the safety concerns that such roofs pose. Old roofs may allow water in entering the home that along with damaging the property may also develop mold spores that may pollute the air which you and your dear ones breathe. Besides, an old roof is likely to be more susceptible to creating icicles and ice dams that can pose big safety threats to those walking beside your abode.


  • High ROI- New roofs can improve a home’s resale value manifold. Should you plan on selling your abode in the years to come, installing a new roof can result in a faster sale of the home while the added value will help in making the installation to pay for itself.


  • Improve Home Appearance- Should you plan to give your sweet home a facelift, a new shade on the front door, shutters, trim, and siding can create a notable difference. Such colors must be coordinated perfectly with the color of the roof. Should you need a new roof in the future, making amends right now will help you in coordinating all the colors in ending up with an absolutely striking and remarkable new appearance of the home.

If you have made up your mind to install a new roof in your sweet home, then take the decision right now. A little procrastination here may cause further damage and more expenses. Get in touch with a trustworthy and experienced roofing contractor near you to get your job done with a perfect touch. All the Best!


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