Two Cube – Studio 8:23


Aathansh,Designed by Studio 8:23 ,  a creative studio and office for the multi-time National Film Award winning Marathi movie director Ravi Jadhav, is one of the many units located inside the usual glass and aluminum clad corporate office building in Thane. The challenge being breaking away from the usual persona of the generic variants of corporate offices prevalent today.


the first conscious step comprised doing away with all pretentious materials that are used to clad shells from the insides. Out went the paints, false ceilings, concealed lights, wall levelers from the palatte.What remained was the honest and hence the obvious choice of the materials chosen. Raw concrete, solid woods and an abundance of natural greens were engaged in rendering this version of what an office could be.




A tight reception with the porous library partition wall doubles up as the entry to space.


Immediately greeted by the large volume allows you to direct yourself to the edit rooms, the staff seating above the loft via the light wood staircase or to the executive enclosed cubicles.




The wood and fluted glass sliding partition frames along with pivoted peeping window panes constitute the enclosed cubicle, allowing flexibility of complete privacy to being fully openable onto the public interaction area, while when opened from the glazed area, space transforms into a dedicated discussion zone amidst the lush greens.


Information / photo credits : Studio 8:23




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