Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta

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Traveloka, Bengaluru-An Innovative Workspace Design | Zyeta

The new office of Traveloka is a reflection of their collaborative work culture and employee well-being. It is a diversion from the traditional workspace design that resonates with the company’s goal of having a human-centric Innovative Workspace.

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The office interiors overall, stand apart from traditional corporate innovative workspace. They have a deck ceiling, open flexible spaces and raw colour palette.

Unique spaces and amenities are dispersed across the floor plate to encourage a collaborative work culture. The workspace interiors are also designed to house the most number of naturally lit areas.

There are also design breakouts with open meeting space for informal meetings, mobile pods for one on one conversation and two-seater arrangements for casual chats.

The company’s cafeteria was designed with the vision of creating a space that would accentuate the collaborative culture of the company and at the same time have a fresh ambience with the inclusion of biophilic elements.

Overall, Zyeta was able to provide a workspace design layout that not only brought out the best in the company but also provided ample scope of accommodating its future expansion.


Lead Designer- Kishore Manoharan



Designed byZyeta

Status: Built

Location: Bengaluru, IN

Firm Role: Design & Build

Additional Credits: 

Workspace Design Credit: Kishore Mano, Shafeeq Mohamed, Kapil Raghav & Janani Chitra Kulothungan

photo Credit: Prashant Bhat Photography


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