Transform Your Home with Marie Kondo & These 50 Decluttering Quotes

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Home improvement can come under many different forms, and simply by decluttering and organising every single one of your belongings can make a world of difference when it comes to freshening up your space, making it look cleaner and in most cases making certain areas of your home look bigger and more spacious than they might actually be. Sounds pretty good right? This is one home improvement you should be getting on board with, if you haven’t already thought about embarking on a decluttering journey.

Getting rid of the clutter is good for your home and your health – it can put you more at ease, gives you more space to actually clean and dust the belongings which youcherish the most, as well as preventing a mass tidy up or frenzy every time you’ve got friends or family coming over for dinner. Within the world of tidying and organising, Marie Kondo is pretty much the queen – she certainly knows how to transform a messy room into a calm and harmonious atmosphere, whether it’s the living room, the kitchen, or even the children’s playroom.

Haven’t heard of Marie Kondo and her iconic KonMari method before? Well, it’s time to change that. Whatever stage you’re at in your decluttering process (you might not have thought about having a clear out until reading this post), then this post should provide some inspiration and top tips for getting your home in ship shape condition. Most recently known for her own series on Netflix, Marie Kondo also has a best-selling book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up which is where we’ve taken these 50 organising quotes from.

The main ethos behind Kondo’s methods is to first assess whether each of your belongings ‘sparks joy’ or not, ensuring that you sort by category and not by location. For any items which don’t ‘spark joy’ it’s time to say goodbye to those items and get rid of them, as in Kondo’s eyes – they’ve served their purpose and they can now move on to a new home. Once you’ve narrowed down your belongings to just those which you really cherish and bring you happiness, it’s then time to find a designated home for each and every one of those items. Now you’re aware of the basics, let’s get stuck in withdecluttering and organising! The below infographic, designed by JD Williams, shares 50 of the most iconic (and very useful) quotes from Kondo’s book. Enjoy!





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