Top questions to ask before using Mortgage Brokers

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Mortgage brokers can help you navigate one of the biggest decisions and purchases of your life. From determining your eligibility for a variety of loans like conventional loans or government-insured mortgages to finding out if you are eligible for various government assistance programs, it pays to have an expert in your corner. If you are thinking about consulting a concessionary mortgage broker for advice and recommendation on how to get a house or home, you need first to ask yourself some questions.

 Note that thousands of mortgage brokers claim to other their service, but you need to consult the best. When you ask yourself these questions detailed in this blog post, you will get to know the right mortgage broker for you.

It is prudent to understand more about concessionary mortgage brokers even before consulting one. You will understand how they work thus will not be confused when they explain the best mortgage loan for you.

Questions to ask before using Mortgage Brokers

Below you’ll find basic questions to ask before using mortgage broker services. These questions start from knowing who is a mortgage broker; to question, you need to ask the mortgage broker before using their service, like the loan’s interest rate.

What Is a Mortgage Broker?

A mortgage broker refers to a middle person who assists you in getting a mortgage loan. The mortgage broker task is to analyze your finances and then compare different mortgage offers and suggest the best for you.

Mortgage broker work is to link you to the right mortgage loan lender. The mortgage broker is well knowledgeable about mortgage lender so will find it easy to suggest the right lender according to your financial status. In most cases, though mortgage brokers work with a specific mortgage lender so they will only be recommended to you to them even without comparing from other lenders.

Mortgage brokers are regulated, and one has to have the license to start offering the services. So, mortgage brokers are legally entitled to offer their services. Some of the documents they require from you when offering their services include your credit history, income and employment documents. Out of these documents, they will ascertain your financial status and then recommend the best mortgage lender to suit your needs.

What is the work of a Mortgage Broker?

Some think the mortgage broker issues the loan for you and build your home. However, that is not the case. The mortgage broker work is to link you with the right mortgage lender.

The work of a mortgage broker is on the legal work where they compare different mortgage lenders after evaluating your finances from there recommended the best mortgage lender for you. Mortgage brokers have a relationship with mortgage lenders to understand which one is right for you and meet your goals.

Additionally, a mortgage broker may process the mortgage loan on your behalf. The broker will collect the required documents and submit them to the mortgage lender on your behalf. If there is a need to convince the mortgage lender mortgage broker to do that task, you get approved for the loan.

How a mortgage broker is get paid?

It is important to understand who will pay the mortgage broker. In most cases, they are paid by the mortgage lender because they are marketing their services, but there are instances where their borrowers get to pay the broker.

So, when thinking of using a mortgage broker gets to know who will pay for the services? There is those mortgage broker who tale advantage and imposes hidden charges and while other because it is the lender who will pay them increase the loan interest rate. The law prohibits any mortgage broker from engaging in such business.  

As a borrower, the law permits you to pay the mortgage broker because it is not easy to find a mortgage broker who will not charge you. You should shop around to see who will offer you the services at the lowest charges, though.

What differentiate mortgage brokers from loan officers?

When applying for a mortgage loan, you will come across both a mortgage broker and a loan officer. You need to ask yourself what is the difference.

A mortgage broker, as already mentioned, is concerned with linking you to the right mortgage lender, while a loan offer work with a mortgage lender to offer you the loan. The loan office only stipulates to you the kind of mortgage loan they offer while the mortgage broker evaluates different mortgage loan o0ffrs and recommended which one is right for you.

Is a mortgage broker right for me?

If you are clear on what you want, you may think a mortgage broker is not useful; thus can walk to the mortgage lender and get the loan. While for some, it is a prudent decision but for the majority, a mortgage broker is of help to them.

Mortgage brokers evaluate the right mortgage lender for you who will not reject your application and help you get the loan. It also will help you gather all the required documents. Mortgage brokers ease the process of getting a mortgage loan.

More so, the mortgage broker will help under the loan terms and conditions. Sometimes it is hard to understand the financial terms used in the loan agreement, but the mortgage broker will break down everything for you.

What is the mortgage loan Interest Rate?

After the mortgage broker suggests the right mortgage lender, you should ask the interest rate even before proceeding to apply for the loan. Understandably, most of us would like to hear about the interest rate on the lower end, but you will not find that, however, not the case. The mortgage broker should take time to explain to you the interest rate.

When all of the extra costs are factored in, the lowest interest rate may end up costing you more in the long run. Interest rates are divided into two categories: variable and fixed. Your interest rate on a variable interest rate home loan might climb or fall over the loan term.

Your interest rate on a fixed-rate loan will remain the same for a set period, normally between one and five years. Inquire with your mortgage broker about which one he believes is the best fit for your financial condition.


Before using a mortgage broker, it is important to ask a question about the services you will get. We have detailed some of the questions, but the list is not limited. You can ask any other question you deem important to you.