• How to unclog a double kitchen sink with garbage disposal

    In this Article We provided different ways to unclog a double kitchen sink with garbage disposal with some simple steps.

    Food scraps and not cleaning it for a long time are the main causes of clogging in the kitchen sink. Do you have a Question. How can you prevent clogging for your Garbage Disposal? First of all, You don’t need to be in a hurry to wash Dishes/ Plates. Instead Clean food scraps from your Plates, Dishes etc with your hand (Use Gloves) and throw garbage to the garbage disposal. Then go for washing. This is the Way You can prevent your Sink from garbage clogging.

    Removing Clogs using of Chemical Drain Cleaner

    You can use chemical Drain Cleaner from your nearer store and use it to solve your problem. But these cleaners can be a main source of damaged sink pipes. When you clean up the sink with it and dump chemicals and clogs in the garbage disposal, this chemical also damages plastic from garbage disposal. You can Check Kitchen Products from They provide guides and reviews which are very helpful.

    Note: If you are not really comfortable using Chemicals to remove garbage clogging from the sink, Think Twice before using Chemicals to unclog kitchen Sink. 

    Instead, use these simple Steps to unclog a double kitchen sink with garbage disposal.

    • Unplug your Garbage disposal or turn off the circuit breaker.
    • Wear Plastic Gloves on your Hand.
    • Clean all scraps with your hands from your garbage disposal.
    • Restart your Garbage disposal and check if water starts draining or not.

    If the disposal starts working, hats off to you. You have completed your work. If not…

    Try Resetting and Turning Center Crank to Remove clogs

    If you don’t reset your Garbage disposal for quite a long time. It needs some kind of resetting.

    The steps are Really Simple.

    • Press the Red Button, at the bottom area of your garbage disposal. It’s a reset button.
    • Check if that works. If not then take an allen wrench, fit it on the center and start revolving it clockwise. This is helpful when you don’t clean it for a long time. It will help in smoothing and removing some drain.
    • Then Again wear gloves and start removing garbage with your hands. Set it, run your sink and check if the water is draining or not.

    Unclogging the Kitchen Sink with Baking Soda and Vinegar


    • ¼ cup baking soda or little more usable
    • ½ cup vinegar or little more usable.
    • Some Hot Water.

    5 easy Steps

    • Add Baking Soda and Vinegar in the Garbage disposal. 
    • Fizz it in the drain for 5 to 10 Minutes.
    • Then Clean it with the Hot Water. Add water slowly so it can run for a long time.
    • Check if this is working.
    • You can again use these necessary steps.

    Removing with a Plunger

    There are 80% chances that your problem will be solved from the above step.If you are still facing a problem you can use Plunger to loosen the Clog.

    • Place your Plunger on the sink drain. Set it up so the plunger covers the drain.
    • Fill it with Hot Water, so that the plunger is fully Covered.
    • Vigorously plunge the drain for some time.
    • Uplift the Plunger and check Water flow. 
    • If it works. You can again repeat these steps

    Thanks for Reading this Article, I Hope you find this guide helpful for you and Your Kitchen Sink problem solved. Keep Visiting this website, Check Latest Guides, Products and never miss updates from us.

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