Top 5 small bathroom Interiors Design Ideas

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With the rise in construction cost in bangalore, big bathrooms are a luxury many of us can only dream about, but there are ways to feel big with something small and efficient with the right planning and ideas. Bathrooms are the most important part of any home and one should carefully design and come up with creative ways to make the most of the space available. Put on your robes and get ready to discover some amazing small bathroom interior ideas.


Wall mounted toilets can be opted for much better aesthetics and it also lets you have much better floor space and legroom compared to the floor mounted toilets. If wall mounting is not possible in your bathroom and then consider adding shelves above your tanks for additional storage areas without compromising on floor space.


If you have less space to spare and you want to place a tub in your bathroom, then think twice. Tub takes up twice the amount of space than showers and takes going to hurt your floor area. Losing the tub will open up your small bathroom vastly. For adults showers are great and especially for older folks in the family. However, if you still insist on wanting a tub then you can get a low profile tub, with its lower height gives you the illusion of more space than you have. Trick your visual senses.


This is pretty unusual method of creating space, at least in India, as this is not a common practice but hey, fear not. To install a pocket door you’ll need a pocket, in your wall, yes it’s that simple. Eliminating the tub saves space but eliminating an in-swinging door will help you a lot. You can gain up to 8 square feet of useable space that you didn’t even know you had. Surface-mounted sliding doors can be considered along with barn door design. Hurry up, chop down your in-swing doors and save some space.


Color plays a crucial role in making your small bathroom feel bigger than it is. Opting for a dark paint scheme makes your already small bathroom feel even smaller. A light wall helps reflect more light and in turn fools you into thinking that the bathroom is much larger than it is. Dark colors can be opted for flooring. Having the same color scheme throughout your bathroom makes it seems larger than life.


Glass panels are easy to install, maintain and are perfect for small bathrooms. They can be either fixed in place or hinged to swing. You can fold hinged glass panels inward when the shower is not in use as well. Avoid sliding glass panels, which require top and bottom tracks and are more difficult to clean.

Let’s be honest, no one likes shower curtains. They stick to you when you’re showering and they are a pain to clean. Shower curtains also close off one-third of your room visually. To prevent this, swap out your shower curtain with a frameless glass panel instead. This will open up your bathroom significantly and allow more light into your shower or tub and choose the best contractor for construction services.


Image Credits: Ankit Vikamani Interior Designer | Photography : Phx India.

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