Retro Style Appartment Interiors-Ankit Vikmani

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Retro Style Apartment Interiors-Ankit Vikmani

The concept of home is constantly evolving with the changing time but the way designer has fostered the design is purely remarkable. The house is the 5 bhk apartment with 2000 sq.ft. is designed for two families who chose to live together in today’s time period.Each room was designed to reflect the persona of individual yet binding it to the rest of the house. Planning was done such that each space is used keeping in mind the large family and their needs without cluttering.



The design style is contemporary carried with patterns & shapes to give a well-defined character to the house. Clean lines and finishes are broken up with Blending patterns & furniture pieces or fabrics. Materials used have been kept minimal with laminates or PU on walls & furniture.


Ceilings have given a character to each room with deep recessed lighting to create a perfect nostalgia with added aesthetics. Also, strong and colourful wall and furniture show a meticulous effort towards a design. It is remarkable to note that the whole project was completed in just the span of seven months.

Book rack unit separate foyer area from living room yet binds the space visually creating sophistication with a gist of quaint aesthetics. Also, it creates an charm in the space complemented by the hanging lamps forming an art affair. It creates a harmony with the other pieces of furniture such as ivory coloured classic armchair and book rack separator gives a perfect example of retro style interior finely amalgamated with the contemporary touch.

The design was created on principles of minimalism and client needs. Sliding screens behind sofa gave a break to long window wall behind sofa & also act as a barrier for sunlight when you want to screen tv on opposite wall, minor details and planning added a lot of design & aesthetics to it.Keeping the designs on straight & minimalist lines material procurement & wastage indulge was less. Also, use of eco-friendly ply and paints, LED lights helps to improve the sustainability of environment & impact on the Eco-system.

The rich blue colour used with brown in the furniture such as sofa complemented with golden and white side table gives space a splash of freshness and represents the persona of the client. The team successfully dazzled the walls with great grace creating a perfect ambiance using finely decorated pieces of wall-art contrasting the interior of the house.Neutral colours are used in the living area in order to highlight the interior and furniture pieces. Open dining area integrated with living room and entrance foyer adds on the volume of space taking into consideration the large sized family.

Chandelier becomes the prime focus in the dining area giving an eclectic aesthetics to space. It creates the glory when reflected in the mirror of the adjacent wall. Tan coloured dining chairs were complimented with white table and blue wall art containing gold leafing on the adjacent wall and created ultra sophistication with the usability of space. Here, the ‘mandir’ cabinet is such that when closed look the part of an interior of the dining area.

The parallel kitchen has plenty of space to move around and work conveniently. Separate platform for cooking and service are intentionally planned to maintain a good hygiene in the kitchen’s environment. Services are finely integrated with interior giving a neatly crafted space. Dark flooring is used keeping in mind the use of space with light ceiling to add on volume.A juxtaposition of light furniture added with the dark platform to create a classic look. Punchy prints with vibrant colours transform the look of a kitchen. Stripe’s cut-out in the door contrasted with the stripe right above the door & on the ceiling creating a perfect nostalgia and a classic look.

Bedroom mirrors the ideology and freedom of the people living in the house.

Master bedroom 1: Wisely chosen wooden flooring accompanied by white interior and ceiling gives it a subtle and calm effect. Layers of white used to give a user serene experience with extravagant aesthetics. Along with soothing colours,  grandeur headboard, floating side table and wall hung lamp a warmth is created in the space.

Verticle Mirrors used behind the headboard creates space visually larger. The bathroom here is designed with self-patterned teal blue tiles complementing lavishly used floating vanities and curved-rectangular mirror with a wooden frame that endeavors services with a splash of luxury.

Master bedroom 2: The client here needed a bold, elegant ambiance in the room. Three different wooden planks were used to make a herringbone pattern without molding in slate grey as a backdrop of bed. Modern blue wall art acts as a cherry on the cake.

Son’s bedroom: Colour palette for this room was neutral shades of grey contrasted with dark brown furniture. It is a small sized room so designer squeezed in some space by providing a larger single bed with walking wardrobe right behind the headboard. Rope dividers were used to signify the funky nature of the youngest member of the house. Also, the play of mass and void is seen in furniture pieces of this room.

Common bathroom:  Bathroom with rich geometric patterns and finely selected vanities gives a splendid look. The circular mirror is complimented with a circular basin. Orange ceiling contrasted with black and white walls creates a tangy environment in the bathroom.


Interior designer: Ankit Vikmani

Location: Ghansoli, Mumbai

Category: Residential

Project status: Ongoing

Area:2000 sq.ft

Photography: Phxindia

Text credits: Arjavi Patel


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