Top 5 Basic Tools Needed For Every Construction Project

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There are various tools used for work at the construction sites according to the specific applications and requirements. But, there are some basic tools that are absolutely a necessity for every construction work. Let us have a look at the top 5 basic tools for construction work.


  • Power Drills


A drilling machine is always used in the construction work as sooner or later, a hole is always needed to be made into a wooden frame, a metal sheet, brick wall or any other thing. A powerful drill must be used in order to make a complete hole easily and quickly.


There are two types of power drills used in the market: one with the batteries and the other with power cords. It is easy to work with the cordless drills in most of the situations. But the problem is that you need to frequently charge the battery for the drills to go on working. The drill bits of the power drills come in various shape and size according to the requirement.



  • Hammer and Nails


It is hard to imagine the construction work going on without the hammer and the nails. The hammer and the nails are the most essential tools for any construction work. Without the hammer, how will you see the old walls getting broken down? The hammers are nowadays available in a variety of different shapes and sizes.


The claw hammer is the one mostly used by everyone. With the one end, you pound the nails into the wood and with the claw end, you remove them. The sledgehammer is used to break down a structure. The rubber mallets, ball-peen hammers are also used. But the claw hammer is hard to beat when the usage is very basic.


  • Screwdrivers and Screws


The screw is another basic tool for construction work without which the work can’t be done. This inclined plane translates the rotational force called the torque into any direction whether backward or forward and you can even lift a weight by turning the screw. Two objects can be fastened together with the help of the screw.


The screwdrivers are available in two common types called the flathead and the Philips head screwdrivers. The flathead screwdriver resembles the chisel while the Philips head screwdriver has the tip having the plus sign look.


  • Saw


Another basic tool for construction is the saw which will be used in any project for cutting purpose. It is used to cut the various building materials at exact length and precise angle. Nowadays, the power saw is more in use than the traditional saw. There are different types of saws available in the market which have different applications.


Backsaw, bow saw, fret saw, coping saw, cross-cut saw, Japanese saw, hacksaw and keyhole saw are some of the examples of the various saws.  Some of the saws are large in size that they don’t fit in the toolkit. Circular saws are portable and can be carried easily from one place to another. There are specialized blades available that can be fitted in the saw and can be used for cutting the wood, plastic and the metal.


  • Level and Tape Measure


Tape measures are another basic but very important tool that is not only used in the construction work but is also used in our day to day life for taking accurate measurements. It is highly important to take the accurate measurements in order to do the work perfectly and tape measure helps us to do that.


To know whether a surface is leveled or not, a measurement device called the level is used. The spirit or the bubble level is used as the most common type of level. The latest laser levels are also used to give perfect information about any place.



Hope you now have a clear understanding of the basic tools for construction and their applications!




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