• 5 Simple Tips for Furnace Inspection

    5 Simple Tips for Furnace Inspection

    Fall brings with it cooler temperatures and the time for furnaces everywhere to be turned on. It is a good idea to inspect your furnace to ensure it’s safe before you get it fired up for the winter. There are some basic maintenance tasks you can do to help your family stay warm and avoid the cost of a repair bill.

    Remove the Chamber Door

    First, make sure your furnace is turned off. Simply move the power switch to the ‘off’ position. Remove the chamber door by lifting and pulling it out. Next, you should see the burner cover which can be removed by removing the two screws that hold it in place.

    Inspect the Burner

    Carefully turn the power back on and turn up the temperature to activate the burners. Inspect the flames visually and ensure they are even and blue. Be careful not to breathe on the flames as the extra oxygen will make them yellow. If the flames are yellow, that is the indication of a dirty burner. Do not attempt to adjust the burners on your own. If there is a problem with your burners, you need to call a professional.

    Clean the Burner & Blower Areas

    Turn the power back off and give the value a quarter turn to shut off the gas. Use your vacuum attachments to get in and vacuum out dust and debris. Use a flashlight to look for soot which can indicate poor consumption. Lift off the blower door and vacuum the compartment.

    Remove & Clean the Blower

    To clean the blower, you must remove it. This can be done by first loosening the control panel (you can let it hang). There should be two screws to loosen it. To remove the blower, you need to use a 7/16” socket and ratchet. Remove the two bolts and gently lift the blower out.

    Use your vacuum to clean the blades. Use a small brush if needed for stubborn dust. Be careful not to move the counterweights or mess with the wiring.

    Replace the Filter

    It’s perfectly fine to use the cheap filter and replace it every three months. If you want to use a more expensive filter, check your manufacturer’s guidelines. Be aware some high-efficiency filters may compromise the efficiency of your furnace, restrict airflow, and strain the blower motor.

    Before reassembling your furnace, dust the pilot, clean the flame sensor, inspect the drive belt, lubricate the bearings (if needed), adjust the dampers (if needed), and seal leaky air ducts. All these things can be done by you to help your furnace running smooth and your home toasty warm no matter how cold the weather gets outside.

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