Top 3 Home Types in Florida for Waterfront Living

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In Florida there are many different types of architecturally design homes inspired by waterfront living. Since the sunshine state is a peninsula its basically surrounded by water on three sides. This provides thousands of miles of beaches, and oceanfront properties, that cater to waterfront lifestyles. 

Although there are plenty of waterfront homes to choose from, there are some trending home designs that have become popular amongst people buying homes in Florida in recent years. Each one caters to a unique lifestyle based upon enjoying the sunshine state and the beautiful beaches and waterfronts. 

Here is a breakdown on the top 3 Florida homes designs based on waterfront living in 2020!

Waterfront Condos & Townhomes in Florida

Condo living isn’t for everyone, but in Florida, there are some amazing waterfront condo buildings that feature a plethora of lifestyle amenities, budget friendly prices, and beachfront access. Many condos in Florida are located on the beach, but others can be found on the Intracoastal Waterways which provides calm and serine waterfront living.

Townhomes are like condos except that they are usually larger in size and only 1-3 levels high maximum. Many people prefer townhome living because its more private and can cater to individual styles more than condos. 

Some popular architectural designs for waterfront townhomes are Mediterranean, and ocean inspired designs. Even new construction projects are popping up in prime locations near the water. These are not necessarily set directly on the ocean, but rather within walking distance. 

Places such as Alton in Palm Beach Gardens, FL features new townhomes with amazing architectural designs. These types of properties offer new construction, better layouts, and functionality, plus, high end finishes.  

Beachfront Single-Family Homes in Miami Florida

One of the last true places in Miami where you can find a single-family home set directly on the beach is in Surfside. Comprised of just one square mile of waterfront beauty, makes Surfside, Miami homes for sale in high demand. It’s also one of the most desired areas for families to live, due to the private, gated entrances, safe streets, and family friendly community. The area is also unique because the perfect location near Bal Harbor, local shopping, amazing restaurants, and entertainment options. 

The Surfside homes architectural designs were inspired by the local arts, culture and seaside lifestyle. 

The homes are way more charming in Surfside and tend to draw the attention of homebuyers who appreciate being apart of Miami’s history reborn. Most of the properties have been remodeled and feature upgrades and creature comforts, found in high end homes. 

Estate Style Homes in Florida

All over the sunshine state you can find exclusive gated communities that are set directly on the waterfront, usually the Intracoastal waterways. These types of properties do not come cheaply. In fact, many waterfront estate style neighborhoods start at several million dollars and up. 

However, if you can afford the price tag the treasure is tremendous, and the best waterfront lifestyle is yours. There are several popular estate style homes that waterfront buyers choose. 

  • Farmhouse Sheik 
  • Mediterranean Style
  • Retro Colonial Style
  • Modern Style

Any of these architectural styles can be complimented by your individual tastes. Most of the estate homes on the water come with boat dockage, deep water channels, ocean access, and on-site marinas. Many offer yacht clubs which influence the entire communities vibe and architectural designs. Most of the estate style neighborhoods consist of unique properties, that are custom built to suit.

The most popular cities in Florida that provide amazing waterfront communities are Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Stuart, Naples, Palm Coast, Coconut Creek, Jacksonville Beach, and the Florida Keys.


With a growing population in Florida more people are looking for waterfront communities where their home designs match their personalities and lifestyle. You can find affordable Real Estate in the best locations that will provide a forever home to enjoy in paradise for years to come. 

Keep in mind that styles change each year and can be driven by cultural and artistic expressions by residents and state visitors. Florida is a melting pot of arts and people that have a positive effect on the architectural designs for popular homes. 

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