Safety Tips to Consider When Using Scaffolding in Your Construction Project

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Construction workers need to efficiently and conveniently navigate the building site to ensure that every task is completed as thoroughly and as fast as possible. As such, they need to create a structure that will give them easy access to every section of the project, particularly those areas that are challenging to reach. This temporary structure that allows workers to do their tasks regardless of the building’s size and height is known as Scaffolding,

Apart from helping construction workers to be more productive, scaffolds are also meant to keep them safe, especially when they need to work with various tools at great heights. Unfortunately, accidents involving scaffolding continue to happen because of negligence. To ensure the safety of your construction site, here are essential safety tips that you need to observe:

Observe Proper Assembly and Installation

Given the potential hazard of faulty scaffolds, make sure that the individuals tasked to assemble them are competent and experienced in carrying out the task. As an additional precautionary measure, it is best if the job is done under the supervision and guidance of a knowledgeable person.

Installation of scaffolding accessories, frames, and other components should be handled according to the recommended instructions of the manufacturing company. Do not combine scaffolding parts of different makers as it can affect the stability and strength of the structure.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Before using the scaffolding, you should conduct a thorough assessment of your construction site so that you can identify potential risk factors. Visit the areas where scaffolds will be used to check for high tension wires, ditches, vehicles, pedestrians, and other possible hazards.

Pay extra attention to the environment where the scaffolds will be erected as well. Is the ground stable and flat? Once the scaffoldings are constructed, inspect them again before use.

You should also ask your workers for feedback if they have safety concerns regarding these temporary structures. Once you are through with the assessment, make sure that you take the necessary action to mitigate, if not eliminate the safety risks.

Note that you must carry out regular inspections during the entire time scaffoldings are in use. You also need to conduct a more careful assessment of the scaffolds if they were moved, altered, taken apart, or if something happened that may affect the stability of the structure.

Install Safety Structures

Install structures, such as handrails and toe boards that will make the scaffoldings much safer to use. Constructing rails will keep your workers from falling over the edge and hurting themselves. Together with toe boards, railings will also keep tools, equipment, and gadgets from slipping or being knocked off the scaffolding and injuring others.

Apart from guardrails and toe boards, you should also install a fixed or built-in ladder so they can access the scaffold platform safely and comfortably. Never let your workers climb on scaffolding frames or bars to enter the platform.

Keep People Informed

Make sure that all workers who carry out their tasks on scaffolds are aware of all regulations and rules regarding proper usage. Have an expert train them on the following:

  • Potential hazards involving scaffoldings
  • Proper use of scaffolds
  • An appropriate way of handling materials when using scaffolds
  • Strategies to address possible safety hazards

The pointers mentioned above can make a significant difference in keeping every member of your construction team safe when they work with construction companies like Synergy Scaffolding. While following these tips may take extra time and attention, their impact in lowering the risk of accidents or injuries makes everything worthwhile.


AUTHOR: Ruby Hamilton

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