5 Kitchen Trends That Will Be Huge in 2020

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The family unit may have changed and so have eating habits, but the kitchen remains the heart of the home. As such, you need to plan any renovations carefully. Whether you’re planning to add a few extra features and maintain current style or replace the entire kitchen, you need to know the latest trends.

  1. Stone

Stone, specifically marble, is making a huge comeback. It’s natural so appeals to the environmentalists, durable which is great for long term cost balancing and looks incredibly luxurious.

You can add marble splashback features, replace your worktops, or even encompass your cupboards in it. Going with stone emphasizes luxury but it is heavy, you’ll need professional help to get it installed properly.

  1. Go Outdoors

One of the biggest trends at the moment is bring the outdoors inside. During the warmer months, you’ll want to make the most of the outside space you have. An increasingly popular trend is to fit outdoor kitchens, these will allow you to entertain effortlessly outside and even cook items that have more potent aromas without making the entire house smell for a week.

The outdoor kitchen will be more basic but it should be a reflection of your internal style and have all the essential appliances with space to prep.

  1. Go Dark

You may be surprised to discover that black is a very popular color in 2020. Generally, black is avoided as it darkens a room but a popular trend this year is to have a black wall or even black cupboards and work surfaces.

It creates a luxury feel while still feeling livable and family-friendly. That’s a good balance for any home, whether family-friendly or not.

It should be noted that another color-based trend is to mix and match unusual colors. In effect, choose the colors you like the most an stick them on the walls, it’s that simple.

  1. Double Islands

This trend is definitely one for those that have larger kitchens and want to use the available space. Instead of having one central island, people are opting for two slightly smaller islands, potentially connected with an open piece of wood.

Not only does this increase the preparation space available, it also allows people to sit and chat or even eat while you’re working in the kitchen.

  1. Skip The Handles

In order to have a streamlined kitchen you need to adopt this trend, the no handles approach. Cupboards are usually opened by pushing on them to release the clip or magnet. There are no visible handles.

This can make the lines of any kitchen more chic and streamlined. The best thing is that it’s comparatively easy to do and transforms the look and feel of your kitchen.

Of course, the bottom line, that you should always remember, is that the kitchen belongs to you, regardless of what trends are becoming popular you should only embrace those that truly reflect your personality and what you want your kitchen to say about you. All changes should also be practical.

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