• Top 10 Essentials To Decorate Your Home or Office Aquarium

    Does your fish tank look boring? It means that you have to start thinking about redecorating the fish tank so it will look like new. Many people have an aquarium to decorate their home. For this reason, they try to learn how to decorate an aquarium with plants. Decorating aquarium is not an easy task. You cannot, for example, simply put random rocks that you find in a river bank in your fish tank as they can be dangerous to your fish. Or you can’t use a regular light on your aquarium. You must use the Best Aquarium LED Light that will make your aquarium beautiful without hurting fish.However, here are some essentials that you can use to decorate your aquarium and tips to use them.

    Artificial Plants

    Artificial plants are one of the most widely-used essentials that hobbyists use to beautify their aquarium. They are basically safe for the aquarium inhabitants. Even, they are a great option for Cichlids or other destructive fish as the plants cannot be eaten and damaged.

    Artificial plants are recommended for beginners because they are ready to use and does not require complicated care like real plants do. You do need to prepare supplements, special lighting, and substrate for these fake plants. They won’t die. It does not mean that they don’t require cleaning. You still need to perform simple cleaning sometimes. Artificial plants are available in countless variations. Your choice is only limited by your preference.

    Live Plants

    While artificial plants function only as a simple decoration that pleases to the eye, live plants provide a scientific balance of the modern aquarium. They create a natural environment for freshwater aquarium fish. They also provide a place for eggs fertilization. Therefore, live plants are often used in the breeding aquarium. Unlike artificial plants which are safe for most inhabitants, live plants are not. Thus, it is recommended to buy live plants in a pet supply store to ensure that the live plants you use are safe for your fish. There are also many great posts discussing how to decorate aquarium with plants where you can learn from.


    Adding rocks is another effective way to decorate your aquarium. You can either buy rocks from an aquarium store tofinding them on your own. The first option is more recommended because aquarium stores ready-to-use rocks so you can just directly put them in your aquarium. If you want to find aquarium rocks on your own, there are things to consider. Picking wrong rock can harm your fish. Some rocks can change the water parameters, risking the health of the fish. So, how to decorate the aquarium using rocks? Avoid picking rocks from random areas. For example, do not take any rocks from polluted areas, river, or bodies of water. Also, make sure the rocks do not contain any metal.


    If you want to add a natural touch to your aquarium, consider adding driftwood. It can give an ocean-like natural feel to your tank. Just like other aquarium decorative pieces, driftwood is available in a pet store. The store-bought driftwood is ready to use. Alternatively, you can find driftwood on your own from your yard, along rivers, or beaches. If you pick driftwood on your own, make sure there’s nothing living it. Before pitting in your aquarium, don’t forget to wash and boil it first.


    If you read magazines or articles about how to decorate aquarium with an ocean theme, they always mention shells. They can give a natural, beach-like vibe to your aquarium. Shells are available in many sizes and colors, helping you to build a particular color scheme. They are really a nice addition for those who want to create a miniature ocean. Shells are okay for the saltwater aquarium but they are not recommended for the freshwater system as they contain much calcium that can alter the pH of the water.

    Novelty Items

    Hobbyists often use novelty items to create a particular theme that can make their aquarium look more unique. These items can be found easily in most pet stores. They can be in the form of fake mermaids, squid, treasure chest, and pirate chest. With these novelty items, you can instantly give a new look and feel to your boring aquarium. When choosing the items, make sure that they are made of materials that are specifically made for aquarium.

    Ceramic Pieces

    Ceramic pieces can be another idea to add artistic touch into your tank. Ceramic pieces are available in a wide range of colors and styles that can create a distinct mood. They come in various forms such as mugs, dishes, vases, teacups, and others. Not many pet supply stores sell ceramic pieces. You can buy them in a decorating store or big box store. Find pieces that come with food safe label so they are safe for the aquarium. Some ceramic pieces are painted and the paints can contain dangerous substances.

    Old Glass Jars

    Using used or secondhand items is a good way to save money in decorating your aquarium. Look around the house. Probably, there are old glass jars or bottles that can be used. Choose those with bright colors to enhance the look of your fish tank. In addition, to give a new look, glass jars provide a fun place for fish to play in. Clean the jars thoroughly before you use them in the aquarium. You can find more information on how to decorate aquarium with used items from magazines or the internet.


    Backgrounds are pieces of plastic that cling to the back of a fish tank. They are available in endless options from backgrounds with a solid color to the ones with pictures. If you have a drawing skill, you can make a background on your own using a canvas.


    Ecotech lighting not only decorates an aquarium but also contributes to the health of fish. Most fish need to be exposed to light for a certain period of time depending on the type of fish. These lights can either serve as the main or additional lighting. It all depends on how much lighting your fish requires. Nowadays, there are many aquarium lights available in many unique shapes that can be bought in an aquarium store.

    Final Words

    In addition to the decoration pieces above, there might be other kinds ofessential aquarium equipment you should buy. You don’t need to use all the ideas above. Too many pieces and tools can make your aquarium looks cramped. Using two or three ideas among the ten will be ideal.

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