S-Karp Store | designed & made by Graphtec

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S-Karp is a Romanian brand of footwear dedicated towards mountain use and urban. Since they have rebranded, they requested a new concept store that they are planning to embrace in whole Romania.  The concept has been developed by Graphtec, a Romanian leading firm in design and production of uniquely customized commercial furniture and POSM. They specialize in creating tailor-made branded merchandise with the intent to add value to the respective company.


The S-karp store represents a fusion of the Mountain, Outdoor and Urban which brings all their styles in one store specially made for its consumers. The concept uses natural wood, grass, rope to emphasize the wild-nature aspect, but still implemented powder coated metal structures with LED lighting systems having a more commercial approach. The sharp corners, the contrast between colors makes the store more vibrant, livelier. This fusion creates a new air for the brand and makes it stand out being unique.


Graphtec produces for 20 years bespoke commercial furniture for many brands such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BAT, JTI, PMI and many more. They offer services such as: consultancy, design, engineering, manufacturing and installation.




More details about Graphtec on www.graphtec.ro



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