Tips to Buying The Best Pedicure Chairs For Your Salon

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Selecting the best salon pedicure chair for your salon means more than just picking a fancy style and color. You not only want to pick a chair that complements your salon’s service but also one that maximizes customer comfort. Since customers have varying tastes and preferences, you would also want to have a variety of spa chairs to cater for these differing needs and preferences, especially if a salon is in a big city.

A salon owner can choose the color of the chair and the base. The available colors will depend on the manufacturer. There are pedicure chairs that come with a glass bowl and in this case, the salon owner also gets to pick the color of the bowl. Although it might be a tough choice, it is always vital for a salon owner to keep prioritize sanitation when choosing the different styles of chairs.

Acetone and Pedicure Chairs

Some salon owners will hesitate using nail polish remover since they worry that the harsh acetone will ruin the finish of the pedicure chair base. Although this worry is valid, there is no need to fear since most chair bases are acetone resistant. Some chair bases with an acrylic finish can be quickly cleaned up if the remover gets into contact with it and there will be no harm on it.

Hygiene Matters

There are two main types of spa pedicure chairs; no plumbing and pipeless. A no plumbing pedicure chair has a detachable foot tub that will need to be manually filled with water each time a new client arrives. A no- plumbing unit does not have any water supply pipe connected to the basin. The latter type is the most commonly used in most modern salons and spas.

The pipeless pedicure chair utilizes small whirlpool jet motors that circulate the water inside the foot bath. This ensures sanitary conditions are maintained since the use of pipes to circulate water allows bacteria to sit and collect in the system.

Low-end chairs that come with a soaking tub have poor drainage which encourages accumulation and growth of bacteria and mold. This can cause terrible infections on a customer and can badly affect the image of a salon. The tubs need to be through cleaned and sanitized before the next customer steps in.

Before you choose your desired chair, you probably have a list of features you would want including the price. Plan early and shop around to get a feel of the different varieties available before making your choice.


Features of spa Chairs

Your customer’s needs and comfort should be your top priority when choosing a chair. It is good to first think about the kind of pedicure chairs that would please them the most. Here are some features to look out for:

  • Entertainment programming controls
  • Padded seat cushions
  • Built-in massage with a remote control
  • Feet soaking tubs
  • Reclining seat adjustment options

Although these comfort features may appeal to a wide variety of customers, one of the main things people look for is a comfort. The type of service a salon offers will also be a determining factor when purchasing pedicure chairs. An express pedicure does not last for a long time and would, therefore, require a different type of chair than a relaxing spa which takes a long time.

Take Time to Research

It is good to familiarize yourself with the popular brands in the market. You may attend trade shows to learn how the various model chairs work by means of free demonstrations. This enables you to see how the chairs provide the needed comfort from a customer’s perspective.

There are discounts on purchases offered to salon owners during such trade shows especially to salon owners who purchase multiple chairs.

When customers come for a pedicure treat they are also looking for an opportunity to relax and relieve stress. Therefore choosing a chair that comes with a wide option of cool features such as massage options will keep your also relevant and stay ahead in a competitive market. Massage options and features include heat and vibration capabilities.

Entertainment Features

Entertainment features will include satellite TV or radio which keeps customers entertained as they enjoy the salon’s services. The new brands in the market today have sound docks, laptop tables, and speakers.


Cleo AX Pipeless Pedicure Chair

As mentioned earlier, modern customers have comfort in mind when making their salon appointments. As such, this chair comes with many comfortable features such as adjustable trays to make it easier for a customer to get in and out of the chair. An arm tray with a cup holder makes it possible for a customer to sip their favorite soft drink as they get their feet done. The massage remote has 5 different settings and the customer gets to select the speed and intensity that they are most comfortable with.


Shiatsulogic Pedicure Spa F10R 5103

This chair is known for its soothing and therapeutic abilities thanks to the wide range of fully functional features. The chair has a wide sitting capacity so that even plus size customers feel comfortable on it. Massage features include:

  • Rolling
  • Kneading
  • Pressing
  • Tapping
  • Knocking

Nail Salon Ventilation

Most inspection codes and local laws in modern cities will require salons to obey the required nail salon ventilation requirements. Various fumes and dust from acrylic polishes and gel polishes pose potential health hazards to customers. In order to avoid hefty fines, a salon owner will need to city building codes in order to know the exact ventilation requirements. Modern spa chairs have vented options and the vents found on the pedicure chairs will be connected to the building’s exhaust or ventilation system. This ensures customers are in a clean environment and will not feel choked by different fumes and scents emanating from the salon. The wall or ceiling also provides exits where a salon can ventilate its space.









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