4 Tips to Use a paint sprayer in your home inside

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 4 Tips to Use a paint sprayer in your home inside.

It is tough to beat the flawless finish of sprayed-on paint for uniform coverage of detailed woodwork and cabinetry, with the right application technique. There no serious fuss except the preparation, technique, and cleanup are extensive, making this painting method unsuitable for most small projects such as a single wall. Before purchasing the sprayer, users should first of all check out the paint sprayer reviews and then only proceed further.


The paint sprayer is of great advantage if used properly. For professional results on walls and woodwork, an airless spray gun is the best choice and consumer type paint sprayer can do a great job of covering small items like a child’s stool. Users can rent an airless spray gun from construction rental stores and some paint supply stores.


Here are four basic tips for those who are going to use the air sprayer for the first time and don’t want to ruin the beauty of the house:-


  1. Prepare The Room


Paint mist stays in the room when using a paint sprayer indoors. This mist can cover everything in the room and eventually drops out of the air. Masking off everything in the room that don’t require painting is the primary tip for the users. They can use drop clothes to cover the floor and taping them down at the edges of the wall.


Mask off light switches and baseboards, receptacles. Ceiling fans should be enclosed with the plastics bags, taping them off where they meet the ceiling. Windows too should be covered using the plastic sheeting and taping around the edges. Seal off doorways and cover the windows and room openings.


  1. Be Careful


Individuals should protect themselves first as the chemicals from the paint can cause harm to them. When spraying paint indoors, wear old clothes, shoes, and gloves. Hairs should be protected with a hat and goggles for the safety of eyes. The disposable face mask should be used to cover the mouth and nose. Before initiating the painting, open a window in the room and remove the screen.


  1. Know The Tip Size

Three digit number is used to define the tip of Paint Sprayer. Each and every tip size defines the following:


  • First digit:- The width of the spray fan when measured at 10-12 inches when the user doubles the number.


  • Second Digit:- Size of Application hole


  • Third Digit:- Determines the size of the application hole in the tip happens to be in thousandths of an inch.


If the large surface is to be sprayed with latex paint than 515 tip or larger would be useful.


  1. Follow Grounding Precautions For Certain Material


Through many of today’s paint sprayers, oil-based products can be sprayed. However, this type of products is highly flammable. Thus, it becomes vital that the user make sure that they follow all grounding precautions and procedure so sparking can be prevented while spraying. Even the owner’s manual will have specific step-by-step instructions that must be followed to make sure the spray gun and paint is properly grounded.


Final Thoughts


Lot of time and money can be saved by using paint sprayer once the perfect technique is achieved. It is better to practice instead of jumping into a project right away and the experience with this kind of tool will be much more positive.


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