Tips For Choosing An HVAC Unit For Your Home


Choosing a new HVAC system for your home can be a daunting task. With the installation costs, this will not only be an expensive cost, but it will provide you with the opportunity to enhance the overall quality of life in the home. It will also be an investment for the future, as the right HVAC system could be an excellent selling point. You will likely get at least ten to fifteen years out of your new system, so you want to take your time and choose something that you are going to be completely satisfied with. You don’t want to live with the consequences of making a bad decision for ten years or longer and here’s exactly how you can avoid that.

Are You Nomadic Or Putting Down Roots?


Whether you are shopping with National Air Warehouse, you have to consider how long you are going to stay in your current location. Are you looking to put down roots and start a family in this home or do you plan on moving out in the next two years? A new HVAC alone will be a great selling point, so at least you have that on your side. However, if you are looking to stay in the home for the foreseeable future, you might want to invest in a more energy efficient unit. You will pay more up front, but these units are specifically designed to save you money on energy costs over the years. However, if you aren’t staying long enough to reap these benefits it might not be worth the extra cost of the unit.

Whole Home Heating And Cooling


Are you looking to heat and cool the whole house or do you just have a specific space that needs to be heated and cooled? This is a very important question to consider. If you live in an area where it is mostly warm all year around, you might only need air conditioning for a certain space. Maybe you live in a climate that is cold all year around, but has fireplaces. If the fireplaces aren’t able to efficiently heat one room maybe you only need heat in that one room. Ductless or mini-split units are like the units that you will find in hotel rooms, but they are much sleeker with more advanced technology.



These smaller and more compact units really cut the installation costs and time in half, which will save you several thousand dollars.

Get Your Ductwork Checked


The process of choosing a new HVAC system isn’t all about the equipment itself. Just about every system out there requires ductwork to deliver the air into the home. If your ducts aren’t properly sealed or they are restricted, you are just wasting your time and money investing in a higher efficiency unit. Joints that aren’t sealed properly or breakages in the ductwork can result in at least a thirty percent efficiency loss. So, you might be making an expensive investment thinking that you are going to save money on your electric bill when you will just end up costing yourself more money. Have a trained contractor come out and check the insulation and the condition of the ductwork.


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