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Choosing an awning for your patio has never been this easy! 

Patio awnings are those beautiful root-life protective covers that are designed for shelter, decoration, and relaxation. They could be used for either the decks or patios. This shade could add value to your property, especially when the right one is chosen. However, the central part of this is getting a patio cover that suits your space. 

To create an extension in your patio with these awnings, it is crucial to understand that mounting an awning is more than getting one and installing. There are delicate factors to consider when getting the best aesthetic appeal from it. I know you could use some helpful advice. 

This post will highlight some valuable tips for you when choosing the best patio awnings. Follow this brief guide and get it done rightly!

Choose the best material. 

Just like a gazebo or a patio cover, the patio awnings come in different material types. So, it’s up to you to choose the material that suits your environment and preferences. 

Patio awnings could come in polyester, micro-perforated fabrics, wood, PVC, or Acrylic. Each of these materials has its unique features and advantages they offer. 

  • Polyester: they are the most common ones available and only ideal if you do not plan to use your patio often. This is because they are not UV resistant and will not last for a long time. They are also cheap but will require a lot of maintenance.
  • Micro-perforated fabrics: they are effortless to clean and are very durable in the long run. They do not rot, tear and are UV resistant. There is always enough air circulation under this fabric.
  • Acrylic: they are also easy to clean and very ideal for outdoor patios. However, proper ventilation is a drawback to this fabric type.

Electric or manual patio awning? 

Patio awnings could be operated manually or electrically. Without a doubt, it is pretty evident that manual awnings are cheaper and most cost-effective. But, it would be best to know that they are affected by sizing as the bigger it is, the harder it will be to handle manually. 

Meanwhile, electric awnings are controlled by wired wall-mounted buttons or remote control. They are easy to operate and will accommodate larger sizes of awnings. Some could come with unique features like sun-sensors or wind sensors. They need to be kept clean always to ensure they fold/unfold smoothly. 

Choosing the suitable awning sizes 

The size of your patio awning is mainly dependent on your preferences. However, the primary function of an awning is to create shade and protection from the sun. It shouldn’t act as a barrier or occupy too much space. So, to decide on the right side of the patio awning, you need to consider your available space and the purpose of installing it. Standard patio awnings London believes sizable is that which measures not more than three meters in width. This should be enough to provide protection from the sun and not occupy unnecessary space as well. 

Some measurements that could be considered while choosing the right size include; 

  • The height of the patio awning
  • The depth of the intended area
  • The lintel’s height 
  • The overall awning width. 

While considering these factors, choosing the right awning for your patio will surely be less infuriating and time-consuming. 

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