• 3 Uses for Different Types of Railings

    Railings are not just safety features in a building. Different types of railings serve varying functions, whether you are designing a deck outdoors or a corporate building, stairways and railings will play an important role in the appearance of the finished product. 

    This could be a home project or on a grand scale where you require the services of an architect. Whatever your needs, this overview will give you all the information you need about the different types of railings and what their functions are. Here are three different types that you can learn more about.

    Architectural Railing

    If you are looking for something truly special, even sublime in the realm of architectural railing, then an experienced architect is a must. Railings are a safety feature yet there is no reason why they should not be aesthetically pleasing as well. Several materials such as glass, aluminum, and stainless steel are among the variety of materials on offer. Railings are used to adorn staircases at numerous sites such as sporting venues, hospitals, convention centers, and office buildings, to name a few places that benefit from these safety features.

    Don’t get confused between a handrail and railings. A handrail is for holding onto while railings prevent anyone from falling off the side of the staircase. In addition, railings have to include balustrades to improve the structural strength of a staircase.

    Deck Projects

    This is usually the first outdoor project that couples like to tackle once they have finished sprucing up the inside of their home. If the deck is going to be above ground level, then stairs with railings and a handrail are essential for safety reasons. 

    Some interesting materials for deck railings are rustic wood, aluminum, steel, and vinyl. For a cheaper and lightweight material, go for aluminum. Vinyl railings are ideal for home projects as they are easy to install and need very little maintenance over their lifecycle.   

    Wheelchair Ramps

    An essential to any commercial building, hospital, school, and shopping center, wheelchair ramps are now compulsory and regulated by health and safety standards. These ramps not only assist physically disabled people to gain entry into buildings, but they are also useful for baby strollers and moving heavy furniture around. 

    Wheelchair ramps are controlled by law and must have a handrail on both sides of the ramp that is more than 2.4 meters in length. If the gradient of the wheelchair ramp is any higher than a ratio of 1:15, there has to be a center rail that can be held on to. 

    There is a rail for any need, and they serve important functions, such as, protection from falling off a deck and convenient construction designs that allow for easier access to a building. They can be added to stairs, balconies, and many different walkways, and you can use almost any material for a sturdy and low-maintenance product. You may need to enlist the assistance of a professional architect if your project is particularly large, however, these tips and guides should give you a head start to completing any building improvement project you have.

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