What Are The 5 Stages Of Building A House?

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A house is a place where you decide to live and cherish your years. Building a  house from scratch is an exciting, exhilarating yet daunting task. It’s a long process to construct a piece of art from start till the end not to mention the amount of time and effort to takes to find the right concrete contractor. You might face many roadblocks on your journey that add additional burden in terms of cost. Therefore it is suggested to clearly and thoroughly understand the entire process, consult from estimating services in the UK, examine how things are going to work, and be mentally and physically prepared. So be patient and think of it as a place where you and your family will grow and live together happily. Here is how it works.  

Step 1: Plans and Permitting:

Before you begin to start the process, you should set plans regarding how you want to build your dream home. You should consult with an architect or estimating services in Uk and discuss your plan with them. Once you have quoted your plans and they got approved they must be finalized. After this, they provide a plan and cut sheets for the window and sliding door that you are planning to build. The municipality is responsible to provide all this before the planning permission.  

Step 2: The Site Work and Masonry Phase:

Once you get the permission for the building process, the next step starts on the site. Staff or a team is required to clear the land and level it for the construction to begin. Footings are dug and filled. After which stem walls are set and covered. All the electrical and plumbing tasks are done in the stem wall after which the slab is dropped. The next step is the exterior block. The lintel course is laid followed by the exterior block wall which safeguards the walls to the footing. 

Step 3: Framing:

The next step is the roof trusses. They are installed and sheathed. The roof is then left to dry with tar paper. At this point, all interior framing is completed. 

Step 4: Plumbing, Electric & More:

Once the exterior job of the house is finished, other areas such as electrical, plumbing, HVAC, Lines for telephone connection, electronics, and security should be tackled.  Once the exterior structure is complete, other areas of the home can be tackled. Once we are done with it, we need to inspect again to move ahead with the building process.After the second phase of the inspection is approved, insulation is the next step. For energy efficiency and to control home temperature insulation is beneficial. Fiberglass, foam, and blanket insulation are some common types of insulation. Once the drywall is accomplished, exterior finishes like stucco or siding are installed. Next cabinets, flooring, bathroom finishes such as sinks, tubs, and toilets are put in place. You can always get help from estimating services in Uk. 

Step 5: Landscaping & Exterior Aspects:

As now the interior portion is completed, you are supposed to concentrate on building driveways, pool, patio, and walkways. This is considered as the final step of constructing a house which is determined by the budget and the area. If you’re successful till here you can obtain a certificate of occupancy. Now you can walk through your home and see if it met your expectations. 


It’s easy to say the building process is easy when in reality there is a lot that goes on during the entire process. So make up your mind and start your journey of building the perfect home for yourself. You can always seek help from the best estimating services in Uk

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