• Three reasons to invest (wisely) in real estate right now

    The topic of real estate is one that is continuously brought up. It seems that no matter where one is in the world, real estate is something that is of inherent value and ongoing discussion. For many of us, owning our own property is something that is a definitive goal. We all go through phases of renting a property that are exciting and wonderful, but there always comes a time where we want our own space to truly be ours. This is the moment that people begin to alter their choices and save more money, genuinely wanting to invest in something that they can be proud of and that they have the freedom to keep or sell when they wish.


    When it comes to making the decision to invest in real estate, there are many pros and cons to weigh on. There is so much conversation about the cons of the decision, but what we need more of is an honest and open discussion about the pros. Of course,purchasing real estate is always a big decision, but there are three key reasons why investing (smartly) in real estate is one of the very best things that a person can do for themselves – and for their futures.


    The appreciation for owning your own home

    When you buy real estate, you are occupying a space that is yours and not anyone else’s. There is definitive excitement surrounding the fact that the space you exist in belongs to you. You can fill the property with pieces and creative expressions that are yours, and you can put them wherever you like. There are no limitations to what you can do, how you can decorate, what happens with the property. Everything is up to you, so you have the freedom to truly appreciate everything that you use to build that home or that space up.


    The instant equity of purchasing real estate

    You should always be smart about investing in real estate. Like anything else, it is a lucrative market, but it is one that must be navigated with the utmost care. If you can find property that is below the present market value, and the appraisal comes in higher than your budget for real estate, you are instantly able to acquire what is known as equity capture, which essentially means that your investment is not only protected but inflated because of the way you went about purchasing said property.


    The freedom of investing in your own future

    Buying a property gives you a sense of innermost freedom because instead of spending money every week to invest in someone else’s financial stability and future, you are investing in your own. There are few – if any – places in the world where renting property is cheap. In fact, most rentals are inflated above market value. The only real benefit of renting is that instead of having to fork out the full cost of property up front and at once, you are paying for it over an agreed time until you are ready to move on to the next property. Buying instead of renting enables you to invest money into your own pocket instead of the pocket of another person.


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