• 6 Tips for Designing Your New Office

    When starting up on your new office, it can be a challenging task to nail its design. Your office is not only about setting up electronic devices and furniture—it is your workplace, and how you design it can influence your work environment and productivity in the future. Perhaps you already have a specific design in mind, or maybe you’re confused by the many trending office styles and designs that you’ve seen on Pinterest. Making the right choice for your office and your workmates can be tough, even if you already have a few ideas in mind.

    Luckily, the days of bare beige walls and uniform blue office chairs are long gone. Now, offices are all about creativity and unique interior design. It’s all about keeping your office look exciting and appealing in order to keep you and your officemates motivated and inspired despite working in a closed environment. Even your furniture’s arrangement or proximity to windows can indirectly affect your employees’ productivity. Thus, office interior design is now considered one of the essential elements for a business’ success. If you’re currently in the designing phase of your new office, check out these six tips to help you create a great office you’ll love.

    1. Your Office Must Reflect You and Your Company’s Identity

    The first thing to consider when designing your new office is your identity. Your office should reflect on who you are and the company you’re working for. Your office will not only be occupied by employees, but it will also be your meeting place with your clients and customers.

    Thus, your office must be perceived in a way that you want your company to be known. For instance, if your company is in the fashion industry, then, understandably, your design will be filled with vibrant colors and framed fashion collections from your designers and models. When your clients come into your office, the first thing they should see is the high-spirited, chic colors your office has and the impressive fashion collections you have on display.

    Meanwhile, if you are in finance or law, it may be best to opt for designs that speak to formality and professionalism. You may want to call on professional interior designers like Delcoi as they can help you create an atmosphere based on your identity and current available space.

    2. Create More Space

    Aside from your office’s identity, the next essential thing to consider is your office space. Remember that the more spacious your office is, the less messy it will look as you have more space to store your furniture, supplies, and belongings. As much as possible, keep a separate area that is open for the public like your customers, guests, and visitors. You must also have a separate space for private sessions like your employees, corporates, and managements.

    The organization of your office also greatly affects your employee’s productivity. When they have enough room to work on their tasks, their individual productivity is guaranteed to improve. Make sure their tables and office chairs are appropriately arranged to promote an efficient and effective workflow. Whether you have a big or a small company, well-thought office space and layout can improve your company’s work rate.

    3. Invest in Good Furniture

    You must also look out for your employees’ well-being when designing your office. Most of the time, their well-being has to do with your office furniture. Everyone knows that working in an office means sitting for eight hours every day until your shift is over. Unless your tasks include running errands outside, then you may have a few hours in the day to stand and get your body moving. But for those who are assigned to work the entire day sitting, may experience back pains or other health problems if you’ve provided them poor quality furniture with no back support.

    Hence, it’s vital that you invest in good furniture, not only for the sake of a beautifully designed office but also for your employees’ well-being. To start, choose ergonomic office furniture that provides adequate support for any postures. Providing your employees with suitable furniture can make a significant difference in their efficiency.

    4. Ensure Efficient Lighting

    Apart from office furniture, lighting also plays an essential role in an effective office interior design. The best light you can use is the natural lighting you get from your windows. Bright and natural daylight stimulates your employees, making them more focused and alert while doing their jobs. Moreover, bright light will also boost the mood of your office’s atmosphere. Natural light is known to make people feel more cheerful—thus, they work with a better mood.

    If possible, you can place big windows in your office rooms so the sunlight can quickly get in. You can also have glass walls and skylights if possible. Not only do they boost more daylight, but they’ll also look chicer and more stylish for your office.

    To supplement natural light during overcast days and late in the evening or night when people are working overtime, consider using LED lights in your office. LED bulbs, while pricier upfront, are more energy-efficient than other kinds of light bulbs, meaning you will save on energy bills in the long run, and their white light better matches natural sunlight, meaning your employees will continue to work productively even when the sun isn’t out.

    5. Incorporate Colors Wisely

    Your color choices also influence the mood of your office. Many of you may already be familiar with color psychology—for instance, seeing a red wall may give someone an energy rush. Meanwhile, white walls may reflect a sense of simplicity and cleanliness. As for blue, it can give you a sense of calmness and peace. Make sure to choose wisely in which colors you should incorporate in your office. Besides considering your company’s identity, you must also ponder how your selected color can affect your employees and customers and use those properties to your advantage. You can tailor the color of your various spaces—client-facing rooms, conference spaces, offices—depending on the purpose of those rooms and the goals you want to achieve.

    6. Create an Office Space for Gatherings

    It’s essential for most businesses that their office also has an area for collaborations and gatherings. With the help of an interior designer, you can create and arrange an ideal office space for meetings by planning an innovative layout. The area must be sufficient enough not only for meetings but also when you have corporate events and gatherings. 

    In arranging this, make sure that it can fit many people at once, even with the office furniture in it. It’s even better if a spacious office can be maximized for different functions. You can also include round meeting tables, writable walls, and corkboard panels in designing this space in your office.

    Wrapping Up

    The traditional office designs you knew decades ago have drastically evolved from lined office cubicles and dim overhead lighting. Now, you are allowed to create a modernized office interior design that provides comfort for your employees while showcasing your company’s unique identity. Considering these tips mentioned will help you create an efficient and captivating office design for your employees and customers. 

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