Things to Know About an Exhaust Fan

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An exhaust fan, as the name suggests, helps different activities in our lives If you want to take a relaxing bath,  guess what can help you get a proper shower? Yes, you got it right, an exhaust fan. If you are trying to cook in the kitchen with steam and smells rising from your pots and pans,  you need one there too! A proper exhaust fan keeps your home dry and removes odors to the outside!

Many people get confused between an exhaust fan and a ventilation fan. Fear not, you are about to be enlightened.

A ventilation fan brings air from outside to the interior area. An exhaust fan does the opposite: it extracts polluted, damp air from inside to the outside. In kitchens or bathrooms, people choose an exhaust fan over a ventilation fan because you don’t need the outside air brought inside. Rather, you need the damp and sweaty air to be drawn out. 

Be aware that exhaust fan systems work better and more effectively in comparatively small interiors. That’s why the kitchen and bathroom are suitable places to place an exhaust fan. You won’t notice a big difference if it’s installed in a large room.

An exhaust fan becomes a necessity when you live in a congested area and the air ventilation system of your house is glutted. Not using an exhaust fan can make your house too humid and feel suffocating. It transports the extra heat from your stove to make the room more comfortable. It works similar to a chimney in the kitchen but you can get an exhaust fan for a more reasonable price with the advantages of cleaning it easily.

Types and Uses of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans have some aspects that must not be overlooked. There are many specifications to keep in mind including the mount type, fan speed, blade design, wattage consumption, and even color.. There are also different fan types for different needs. For example, you wouldn’t attach your kitchen exhaust fan to your bathroom or vice versa. 

When choosing a bathroom exhaust fan, you have three types to choose from. You can either get a centrifugal type, an axial type, or an inline type. After you are finished determining what type is most suitable for your bathroom, you need to decide what size is necessary. The exhaust fan sizes vary from big to small. Choosing the size depends on your preference and needs.

Technical Aspects

After you are done selecting the type and size, you need to consider the suitable technical aspects. The most important thing is the power consumption rating. 

A cheap and faulty fan can cause your electrical line problems. It could have a false wattage consumption rating and break down unexpectedly (or expectedly, because you know the rules now!). 

The same rules apply when choosing exhaust fans for the kitchen. People not only cook daily meals but also “experimental recipes”. And the kitchen interior is filled with all the steam, fumes, and smokey air. You need a good exhaust fan to take those out all out of your precious kitchen. Get the mount type, exhaust system, and fitting right, and you are good to go. We serve our stomach delicious dishes at the expense of polluting our kitchen unintentionally. Exhaust fans are the great saviors that clean our polluted kitchens. 

Personal Aspects:

Now that we are done with getting the technical specifications right, we focus now on ‘personal preferences’. Exhaust fans do not have many fancy materials or much room to customize, but we can still throw a few of our preferences around. 

The color and shape of the fan’s blade do not matter much from a technical viewpoint. Your personal preferences will only add to the aesthetics of your kitchen, bathroom, and rooms. Often many people prefer choosing exhaust fans with the match of their tiles and wall decor while some others go for the contrast with their wall.

Personal preferences will vary but the purpose of getting an exhaust fan remains the same for every house to remove excess heat, steam, and odors.

Washing and Cleaning Process

Cleaning an exhaust fan is very easy and handy. You do not need to pay special attention when cleaning it or need special tools. But consistently clean them since small particles can quickly fill up the filters. Be a little cautious around the power supply and connection. Make sure to switch it off before you commence your work. 

Some More Tips That May Help 

Now that you have decided to buy an exhaust fan, you must do some study before going shopping or planning to buy it online. First of all, the most significant part of an exhaust fan is the type of blade, since that’s what does the work. So you must carefully look at the blade of your fan. You should check the smoothness of the material, along with its longevity. Also, learn all the ways to clean them properly before buying.

There are many trending brands that serve online payment, home delivery, and even servicing. You can have a look on the PlumberSpot website to check the updated tools along with your exhaust fan without needing to go out. By saving time and expenses, you can benefit through online shopping. 

After choosing your items according to your preferences, consider the cost. If you opt for online shopping, there is less chance for bargaining since most online websites sell products at a fixed price. Ah! How much I miss to bargain products before buying due to this pandemic. 

So, it’s easier if you specify your budget and google the price of your desired product according to their size and shape before confirming your order.  However, if you provide your price range to your sellers, it will also help them to find out your product within your budget.

Final Words

Exhaust fans are very useful in our life, whether it helps out in our kitchen, bathroom, or our daily chores. If you are negligent, your exhaust fan will keep breaking down after months. When you decide to buy an exhaust fan, make sure you focus on meeting your specific needs and requirements. Only then play around with your personal preferences of color etc.

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