• ‘The White House’ With Glass Façade Is An Embodiment Of Luxury In Simplicity | Zeel Architects

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    This spacious 3200 Sq.ft house is located in one of the most prime areas on Mumbai. This 5 BHK house in the 50th floor having only glass façade on the exterior and with a ceiling height of 12’0” was a luxury for the designer. This spacious house to be designed with only natural color / materials like wood, whites, marble, etc. and simplicity was the brief given to us by the client. With the given brief, we created material palette with white marble, fluted wood, white veneer, cane and solid wood, except the blue color in the kid’s bedroom. This was very hard to convince the client but when the final outcome finished, they too understood the importance of color. ‘The White House’ with glass façade is an embodiment of luxury in simplicity.

    ‘The White House’ With Glass Façade Is An Embodiment Of Luxury In Simplicity | Zeel Architects

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    The inviting entrance with the wooden panel leads us to the larger living room and further connects us to different rooms visually by its texture (flute effect) and color (brown). These panels have the doors hidden for the powder toilet, home theatre and utility areas, which cannot be seen if not opened.

    A larger area has been carved out for the living and dining give the look of spaciousness with white marble floor, and walls, ceiling painted in white color.

    On either side, luxurious stylish chairs are arranged around the centre table with elegant modern artifacts, creating a soothing ambiance, while the planters add a natural freshness and touch of elegance. The linear pattern on walls does not define only pattern or aesthetic value but these also enclose the mandir and juice bar spaces with in it. All modern artifacts add elegance to the interior area.

    Dining table, side tables, and all were customized in black quartz, with gold metallic steel supports where black color is pleasant and has an aesthetic value. Pink dining chairs are another pop item with color other than beige / white sofas used for the living room and thus within a large volume the dining area is given separation.

    This kitchen is designed to exemplify modern characteristics with its marble flooring; the wooden over-head cabinets add a luxury factor. The quartz kitchen platform and island top accentuate the white cabinets below. While lighting fixtures play an elegant role in accentuating the platform top and color palette. The wooden framed sliding door adds grandeur to the space while going hand in hand with the corridor as well.

    The master bedroom : The master bedroom has white Italian marble flooring that compliments the customized marble bed and headboard. A Contemporary bed design along with wall lighting fixtures adds allure to the bedroom décor. Hand-picked artefacts complement the Dove colored chairs.

    A ribbed wood finish walk in wardrobe with customised marble handles adds elegance to the décor. Hand woven curtains cast a good ambiance in this bedroom.

    The Toilet is divided by a glass partition with curtain blinds which gives a graceful elegance. These designs increase visual connectivity within two different functional spaces enclosed within one major designated room.

    Niches created in marble-cladded walls are highlighted with minute lighting fixtures while all modern sanitary fittings complement each other.

    Daughter 01 Bedroom : This bedroom here is elegantly done with a classic decor. The wooden headboard from which the side tables and bed emerge gives them a floating effect being supported by the spherical balls. A contemporary styled couch with similar a spherical base complements the bed.

    Also the perforations on the wardrobe shutter break the dramatic spheres. The capsule shape mirror for the dressing unit follows the curvilinear pattern which flows through the shelves, artefacts and chandelier.

    The floor and the walls of its attached toilet are finished in terrazzo. Modern white sanitary fittings gave an opulent feel to the whole area.

    Daughter 02 Bedroom : This bedroom is thoughtful and innovative in its bed design with an earthen grandeur. An artisan-carved bed frames and wardrobe design are an eye-catchy element in this bedroom.

    The pendant lights complement the wardrobe due to its cane finish. The dressing unit’s décor follows a geometric pattern from the 4 poster-bed frames whereas the sleek TV ledge is highlighted with cat themed artefacts elegantly.

    Furthermore, the wardrobe works in reflecting the natural light from the exterior glazing which creates a serene ambiance. Here two contemporary rattan chairs and a center table are placed to enjoy the view. The toilet décor with an earthy palette for storage units emphasizes the cane theme of the room. The white washbasin and its platform are elegantly designed with a linear pattern on it.

    Son’s Bedroom : Another bedroom is engulfed in modern-contemporary material palette keeping in mind the user’s taste. Here is an artful composition of a deep elegant bed design with a lighting fixture at the bottom.

    Two different materials have been introduced for the headboard to immerse the room in ample natural light from the extensive exterior glazing. The head board also helps to create a nook at the rear side for the peaceful reading space with a lounge sofa.

    A royal blue wardrobe with curved handles and a study table creates an attractive perspective. The elegant ceiling is accentuated with bright lighting fixtures. All the artefacts and furnishings are the key highlight of the spacious bedroom. For the toilet, the terrazzo spreads all over – even for the basin counter to exemplify the boldness and appearance of the space.

    This modern-day house, deftly showered with unique design elements, instantly grabs the continuous attention of the onlooker. The client, with a massive affinity for timeless contemporary art, wished to have a house that effortlessly personified luxury and charm. The details are taken care of at every corner of the residence. Interior details make spaces speak for itself. The project had a clear brief to design a luxurious, contemporary space that would have unique elements.

    Fact File

    Designed by : Zeel Architects

    Project Type : Residential Interior Design

    Project Name : The White House

    Location : India Bulls Blu, Worli, Mumbai

    Year Built : March 2022

    Duration of the project : 11months

    Project Size : 3250 Sq.ft

    Principal Architect : Ar. Nimish Shah

    Team Design Credits : Ms. Priya Bafna & Ar. Prashant Rathod

    Photograph Courtesy : Nisheet Dodia

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Paint, Veneer, Laminate / Wall covering / Cladding – Paint / Lighting – Locally Procured / Doors and Partitions – Made on situ / Sanitaryware – Jaquar Fittings Facade Systems – Builder provided Glazing / Furniture – Made on situ / Flooring – Marble / Kitchen – Made on situ / Paint – Asian paints / Artefacts – Client’s collection / Hardware – Hafele / Blum / Veneer – Venzo wood.

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