The Splurge vs. Save Guide to Designing Your Home’s Bedrooms

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For many delving into home renovations and design, understanding how to budget appropriately can be difficult for first-time DIYers. Unfortunately, outlining bedroom plans can be pricey without the proper planning, leaving you scrambling for funds or wasting money on unnecessary components. 

However, sticking to a budget doesn’t mean you must sacrifice all the finer things in life. So consider these suggestions as you weigh your options to build the perfect space without wasted cash.

Splurge: mattress

Considering how much time you’ll spend sleeping throughout your life, it’s wise to invest in a quality mattress that will hold up over the years. For example, opting for an ultra-comfortable organic latex mattress instead of a cheaper low-grade model can ensure that each minute of sleep is restorative.

You can also feel good about this splurge, knowing it’s a vital part of a building healthier bedroom. Not only does a green mattress help the environment, but it also reduces harmful allergens trapped in poor-quality bedding.

Save: bed frame

Though a bed frame can act as a decor staple in your bedroom, you can find inexpensive pieces without compromising style and design. While you don’t want to cheapen the space with a tacky board, many simple, classic models are budget-friendly and fashion-forward. So, when picking out bed frames for your home’s bedrooms, consider lowering the budget and allocating saved funds to other non-negotiable remodel aspects. 

Splurge: bedding

Bedding, on the other hand, is worth splurging on because it can drastically affect your comfort level and overall sleep quality. Quality sheets are of particular concern as many substandard options become itchy and tattered quickly after purchase. 

Wirecutter recommends cotton sheets, though higher thread counts don’t necessarily equate to premium comfort. Manufacturers often artificially inflate thread count on their packaging, depending on the sheet type. So, when searching for the perfect bedding, prioritize feel and allergen-resistant qualities to ensure long-lasting sheets and comforters. 

Save: storage

Bedroom furniture used for storage— like end tables, dressers, or shelves —is probably not worth an extravagant splurge. There are plenty of storage solutions with simple, palatable designs offering functionality without the high-ticket price of their overpriced designer cousins.

Additionally, you can seek hidden storage options that require little effort to match, creating additional space without clashing with major design features. For example, storage options that fit underneath a bed or inside a closet are simple, effective, and budget-friendly.

Splurge: wall decor

Not everyone agrees that art is worth a hefty price tag. If you don’t mind seeing something you’ll feel merely lukewarm about day after day, this may be a “save” category for you. 

However, your decor can say a lot about you and impact how you feel. Spending the time to choose and arrange your wall art thoughtfully can be rewarding, but it may mean you’ll be paying more for high-quality pieces. Ultimately, art’s price tag will be up to you and your aesthetic, so budget accordingly. 

Before you go

While all of these decisions ultimately depend upon your personal preferences, the bedroom’s components demand more design attention than others. Consider where you’ll spend the most time, what brings you joy and comfort, and where you might only require basic functionality.