How to Make Your Bedroom Healthier: 5 Must-Know Tips

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Your bedroom is your personal space where you should be able to recharge and reset per time. Your bedroom is the place where most people spend most of their time whether sleeping or eating. It, therefore, makes it important that the bedroom is as comfortable as possible. The comfort of your room is tied to how healthy you make it per time. This is why we have sought expert opinions to know how you can make your bedroom as healthy as possible. Here are five things you must know to keep your bedroom as healthy as possible.

  1. Go green on the mattress

It is scientifically proven that we spend at least a third of our lives sleeping per time. Many people do not sit down to think of the place where they spend all that time. You do need to consider where you are sleeping! The majority of the foam mattresses in the market are made using petroleum-based polyurethane which can emit volatile organic compounds and chemical odors with time. It is a fact that most of them do not give off these negative things in quantities capable of causing considerable damage. This is especially among healthy people, but it can indeed cause an effect on the air and affect people who have allergies. They are also quite bad for the environment. This is why you should go for eco-friendly mattresses that will add to the quality of your life per time.

  1. Keep your sheets clean always

Some people only wash their sheets once in months. It should be pointed out that washing your sheets and pillow-cases should be a weekly affair. When you allow your sheets to marinate from one week to the other, you will be subconsciously creating the right environment to marinate and as such lead to an increase in dust mites. These microscopic parasites are known to trigger allergies and asthma. So, when it is time for you to do your laundry, ensure you dip your sheets inside hot water and use the right detergents. These should be able to handle the allergens and mites.

  1. Be smart about the lightening

Light pollution has some adverse effect on the pattern of your sleep. It is a fact that the quality of your sleep is a function of the right you are exposed to. When you use bright white light for your bedroom, it makes you more alert and as such productive. This may not be cool if your bedroom is strictly for getting some rest. Also, it has been connected to melatonin suppression which can alter your circadian rhythm. This is the internal clock that helps you to wake up and fall asleep. This, therefore, means that you will find it difficult to sleep.

If you go for warm, diffused light, it will most likely not affect your melatonin production. There have been studies that show dimming the lights before you sleep can help you maintain a fixed sleeping pattern. We, therefore, recommend that you change to warm and dim bulbs from the bright bulbs.

  1. Get your room free from pests

Several factors could make your bedroom a breeding ground for certain pests such as bed bugs. It may be from your dog or your closeness to a place that serves as their breeding ground. It is therefore imperative that you take measures to nip them in the bud. To get this done, you will need to get a bed bug fogger that should be able to get the pests off. To read a buying guide on choosing bed bug foggers, simply click here. Bed bugs, for instance, can be quite stubborn, hence the need to use reliable and tested strategies. But you should also ensure that your room is well aerated and clean. When these factors are in place, you can be sure that your home will be free from pest harassments.

  1. Keep your room cool

It’s not unusual to find people increasing the heat in their rooms especially in the winter season. But it is only ideal that you let some cold in as this is the secret to good sleep. The summer season is one season that is almost synonymous with the summer due to the increase in temperature. This does not, however, mean that you should drop the temperature to freezing temperatures. Just ensure that the temperature is cool enough for a good night’s rest.

On a final note, your bedroom should be your fortress and this is why no investment into its health should be too much of a price to pay. While doing this ensure that you do not overdo it. Follow the tips outlined in this article and ensure that you stay consistent in its application. You deserve a good life, and your bedroom is the daily foundation for that effect.

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