The Monolithic Corten Steel Facade Inspired From Canyon Shapes | DOT[co]de

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The Monolithic Corten Steel Facade Inspired From Canyon Shapes | DOT[co]de

Nested in the midst of an industrial hub allocated to the metal manufacturing business, the project with a South facing site, have surroundings very much like a work in progress, as smaller industrial units give way to denser, vertical factories contained in multi storey configuration.

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The main requirement of the client was to create a distinguishable visual identity while preserving the soul of the place and transfer the same into interiors as well.

The design with a small warehouse at the lower level & an “Office Space” at the Upper level, “Stands Out” in contrast to the typical industrial architecture of the close context.

Sensory Design Beyond Perimeter Walls

Capitalising on the pleasant climate Bangalore has to offer, the design get its open and porous nature. Semi-enclosed breakout spaces are scattered around the office to provide porosity to design creating an environment that would foster social cohesion.

The interiors has been set to turn an office of many small cabins into a series of orchestrated spaces that allow the office to breathe and flow, re-defining the concept of a standard office experience.

The project unfolds by exploring a sophisticated faceted shell system. Applied on the surface of the volume, the idea was to turn the heavy industrial metal prevalent on local factories into delicate “metal tulle,” a form that could respond to the internal logics of the companys operations and be a significant element of visual identity at a local level.

Carefully positioned voids derived by the inner program breaks down the solid geometry into smaller facets. These facets protrude inwards creating a bi-fold illusion of increased depth and scale, containing pockets of interior landscaping that create private outdoor spaces responding to the buildings orientation and its relationship with the exterior.

The monolithic Corten steel (chosen to echo the industrial heritage) facade with acquired characteristics of Canyon shapes itself around the building openings with its adaptive folds and creases letting the natural light and limiting the sun exposure. Weathering steel facets not only promote maximum airflow efficiency but also eliminate the need for repainting and regular maintenance.

Continuing the theme of mass and solidity,  the internal form and structure combine to produce a dramatic folding and interlocking ceiling-scape, (also catering to diffused lighting and air conditioning) with elements that defines the space providing the backbone to the design.

The office space marked by its bold fragmented ceiling animated from the Whole process of metal formation “Metal Extrusion” unfolds to the wall and furniture adding more drama.

The cacophony of the most unusual material with unexpected forms creates a balanced fusion, in other word “organised mess”.

Due to the complex geometry, Innovative point co-ordinate system for construction on site was used. The subdivision of each surfaces was controlled and optimised to fit material sizes and costs. A mix of high-tech and low-tech system to control cost, project efficiency and time.

Fact File:

Project Name :  Metal Extrusion

Design Firm :  DOT[co]de

Project Architect : Silambarasan G

Size: 13500 Sq.Ft [Total Built Up Area], 3900 Sq.Ft [Office Floor Carpet Area]

Location : Bangalore, Karnataka.

Design Team :  Silambarasan G, Monali Jain, Monicaa Lakshmi

Client :  Metal Best Corp.,

Photography : Anand Jaju

ABOUT Firm :

DOT[co]de, a Bangalore based young multi-disciplinary design practice was founded by Silambarasan G. Spanning the domains of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, the work of the practice is based on the principles of Conscious and Experimental Design – an inclusive approach that focuses on consistently pushing the boundaries of architecture through radical interdisciplinary thinking. The studio approaches Architecture and Design with a critical and rigorous intent that challenges the typical vision of the built environment. Our aim is to experiment with new spatial concepts, intensifying existing elements in pursuit of a visionary aesthetic that encompasses all fields of design. We bring a progressive integrative thinking to an architectural and design practice capable of designing and building anything across all scales and project types.

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