How To Design Your Home for Feng Sui in a Few Weeks

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Practicing the art of feng shui does not require that you bring an expert into your home. The principles are very easy to follow that you can do it yourself. By implementing feng shui into your living space, you create a balanced space where you and your family can thrive. 

Don’t know where to start? Here are the best feng shui design changes that will make a big difference in your home.

Clear away the clutter

It sounds like an obvious interior design tip but there’s actually a deeper reason behind it. Clutter is not only unpleasant to look at but according to feng shui, it can also block good things from happening in your life. Try to keep everything in your home as organized as possible. Have a place for everything and if possible, you can even create a system whether it’s your cleaning routine, your bills, your trash, etc.

Keep the entryway clear

The front door is said to be the main portal in your home where energy enters so it has to be clear of any objects. If you open the door and you walk directly into a wall, that’s considered bad feng shui. Make it a point to clear this area of any items blocking it. It doesn’t mean this area has to be empty. You just don’t want any items blocking the front door.

Put away obstacles

Take a good look at your home and check for any items that block your path. Maybe the living room couch is too close to the coffee table making it hard to walk through every time. In this case, you can fix it and look for a sofa retailed that can provide different styles and can be rearranged in various ways.  It may not seem obvious at first since we are used to being around our home. Try to see it from a guests perspective so you can make the appropriate changes.

Be mindful of the commanding position

The commanding position refers to the way you govern your position in life. In the home, the bed represents you, the desk represents your career, and the stove represents your wealth. You want to position these items in a way where you can get optimal positive energy. The rule is that you should be able to see the door when using these items.

Add plants

Indoor plants are not just an interior design trend. They’re also a principle of feng shui! When you add plants into your home, you invite freshness and vitality into your space. Some of us are guilty of killing our plants. However, there are now plenty of indoor plants that are easy to maintain. Some of them, you only need to water once a week, or even once a month! The most important thing is that you bring in greens that you know you can take care of. You’ll want to consider the amount of natural light you get since most plants thrive on it.

Maximize natural light

Speaking of light, you’ll want plenty of it for your home to have a good flow of positive energy. A dark home means low energy and it can even bring you down. Clean your windows on a regular basis so you can clearly see the world outside. If you’re struggling to get more natural light, you can easily fix that with a mirror situated by the window. Mirrors are also good in feng shui and they can bring in more positive energy when positioned properly. For example, you can place it so it reflects a beautiful view rather than a stack of bills. 

Does your home already have good feng shui? Or does it still need some of these steps? Share your thoughts in the comments below.