• The House Bringing Ultimate Luxury Epitome To Life | ANAMEDESIGNS

    As soon as you enter the house you’re welcomed with a lovely couch to sit upon and take of your shoes off, where you would also find effortlessly designed monument vertical gallery (space to showcase monuments) which are imported from finest art gallery across the nation.

    The House Bringing Ultimate Luxury Epitome To Life | Anamedesigns

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    The color Grey, which stands for wisdom and dignity that comes with experience and age; is beautifully carved across the house bringing ultimate luxury epitome to life. One can see the masterpiece like the wall art, European style Golden lights, pink – peach color curtains, dark grey sofa with lounger extension and black cushion.

    When it comes to the center table with golden legs, you tend to notice that each of the furniture element put in the room complement each other to provide complete ambience in the drawing room.

    The chimney stove, designer drawers, noble yet sturdy modular kitchen will keep your everyday eatery always desirable. Combination of light colors helps the temperament of the household to remain calm and composed while cooking.

    Smokey blue shutter cabinets are equipped with user-friendly tandom channels; keeping daily kitchen duties hassle free. Herringbone pattern displayed on the tiles are handmade, yet providing that workmanship on a display.

    Children’s room is a gateway to the dream life, their own art gallery where their most desired cartoon characters are next to them all day, every day!

    Back of the wall is crafted nicely to match their thought process of dreaming and believing in themselves and also admiring their beloved cartoons character and to stay joyful.

    The architecture of the room carries a sober look resembling the white color theme across it, orange bed back with fabric is very noticeable along with the dark colored bed sheet, balancing out the room design providing comfort and coziness to the Parents’ room.

    Neatly designed work table with a comfortable chair helps to cater working needs when needed at home; because we all know how work from home culture has expanded post-covid.

    The master room has its own mastery to it; look at the large back wall malamine polished veneer that provides a ‘larger than life’ aspect to the room. Don’t forget to notice sarten finished marble tile behind bed back creating a perfect ambience.

    The wardrobe has 3 design doors carrying brilliantly constructed wooden panels in them, which allows the owner to flaunt their fashion taste even before opening the wardrobe.


    Designed by : Anamedesigns

    Project Type : Residential

    Project Name : Aashiyana

    Location : Ahmedabad, Gujrat

    Year Built : 2022

    Duration of project : 4 months

    Project Size : 2250 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 25 to 27 lacs

    Principal Designer  : Aanal belani

    Photograph Courtesy : Rockbrand Inc

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – pu base material / Wallcovering / Cladding – royale touch laminates / Lighting – stariagle lights / Doors and Partitions – royale touch / Sanitaryware – jaquar Windows – domel section / Furniture – modular furniture / Flooring – armani grey pgvt 4×2 / Kitchen –modular with royale touch laminate / Paint – asian paints / Artefacts –vardhaman artefacts / Wallpaper –ranibow furnishing / Hardware – herttich.

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