An Open Courtyard House That Is Connected To The Nature | VICARA DESIGN STUDIO

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The house is in the developing suburbs of Ahmedabad, in a gated community. Ahmedabad is predominantly dry throughout the year with harsh summers. The client contacted us to design a family home for 3 couples, with the idea of an open courtyard house that is connected to the nature. The design integrates light, air, and landscape creating a succession of spaces that flow into each other. It is north facing rectangular plot with a design that follows the sun path allowing the natural light and air to free flow. This house is a perfect balance between inner and outer space.

An Open Courtyard House That Is Connected To The Nature | VICARA DESIGN STUDIO


As you enter the house through the entrance vestibule you arrive in the formal sitting room, giving a glimpse of the other spaces yet maintaining the much-needed privacy from the rest of the house. This glass mass is surrounded by a landscape garden from three sides, making outdoor and indoor spaces feel interwoven.

The family room is placed on the northeast corner, in such a way that natural lights flow in throughout the day. It is also connected to the outer landscape and visually connected to the formal sitting room.

As you walk ahead, you enter a double-height passage that leads to the dining and kitchen area. Double height space is connected to the outdoor garden from one side (East side) and two bedrooms on another side (West side).

The kitchen is located next to the parent’s bedroom. The double-height dining space is placed on the east façade to gain maximum morning sunlight which is connected to the passage, looking towards the outer landscape. This space is the center of the house, connecting all the spaces vertically and horizontally.

The guest bedroom with an attached toilet is placed near the family room in such a way that all of them are visually connected through a small courtyard. The parent’s bedroom is placed on the ground floor with a private back garden. The client’s and their son’s bedroom are placed on the first floor. All four bedrooms are placed on the west façade to block harsh sunlight and invite the cool evening breeze.

The slit windows are created for cross-ventilationand to capture the essence of light. The first-floor bedrooms are connected by a passage that overlooks the double-height space and connects the entire house.

The house, through its unique massing and its planning, creates a linear succession of spaces with courtyards. The interiors are a mix of modern and contemporary design in the house. The Kota stone with mirror finish is used in the flooring giving it a seamless look.

The family room and formal sitting room have a wooden ceiling with a warm palette of materials used for furniture giving a minimal yet cozy feeling to the space. The bedrooms have a grey palette, with hints of tan. Thus, the aim was to create a house where landscape and architecture are designed together to create a unique experience of a series of humble yet elegant spaces.



Project Type : Residential


Location :  Ahmedabad

Year Built : 2021

Duration of project : 3 Years

Plot Area :  8000 sq.ft

Built up : 5,732 sq.ft

Principal Architects : Sankalpa Patel & Jaimish Dhameliya

Photograph Courtesy : Umang Shah

Interior Styling : Kanan Chokshi

Products/Materials/Vendors : Sanitaryware – Kohler / Paint – Asian paints.

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