• “The Den”, A Modern Interior Apartment Design In Mumbai | THE ELÁN STUDIO

    Our project – “The Den”, a modern interior apartment design in Mumbai, is very close to us because it was the first project executed by us. We had 2 major issues one the budget and second the furniture was already purchased by our clients from Ikea. 

    “The Den”, A Modern Interior Apartment Design In Mumbai | THE ELÁN STUDIO

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    For the living room’s passage as our clients were quite young we decided to do a photo gallery of their collected memories on the entry wall and added a nice bench again from Ikea on the opposite end to complete the passage.

    We are firm believers of good lighting – so the lights given by the builder were very old school, we replaced them with modern COB lights and also suspended some lights at the end of the seating that also acted as mood lighting for their regular parties at home. 

    So we had to restrict ourselves to a particular colour scheme. We decided to play with colour and panels on the dining wall. Later we added an antique mirror from the local market that fit perfectly well with the contemporary dining chairs bought from Ikea. 

    We changed the dado tiles, added some undercabinet lighting and made some alterations to the kitchen counter for our client to fit in her washing machine in the kitchen too. 

    Our most favourite bedroom is the daughter’s bedroom as we had no budget constraints there and that is where our creativity is seen the most. We created 2 arch shaped niches to house all her favourite toys next to her, added some customized wall shelves for her not so favourite stuff toys and stuck them on the shelf – a little away from her but it looked very cool on top of her bed.

    For her play-dates we added a very cute tent where she enjoys her time when she has her friend over or if she wants to hide in her confined space. 

    In the master bedroom we just designed a dressing table with some indirect lighting and added some texture to the wall.  In the end our clients were happy and that is all we wanted. 

    Client review : “We would like to extend our thankfulness to Sakshi for her dedication in turning our raw house into a true beauty. At a young age she has the effervescence to be what people would take years to get. She was very patient with us and kept our choice and taste in mind for everything together and turned an empty house into a home. Thank you Sakshi for all your efforts and your teams too. Keep shining bright like a diamond always.”

    Fact File

    Designed by : THE ELÁN STUDIO

    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : The Den

    Location : Khar West, 16th Road, Mumbai

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of the project : 30 days

    Project Size : 1100 Sq.ft

    Project Cost : 5 Lacs

    Principal Architect : Sakshi Monga

    Photograph Courtesy : Azhar Pirani 

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Local paint vendor / Lighting – Namah lighting solutions / Facade Systems – Builder / Windows – Builder / Furniture – Ikea / Kitchen – Tiles from Timex ceramic and modular kitchen provided by builder / Paint – local supplier / Artefacts – Ikea.

    Firm’s Instagram Link : THE ELÁN STUDIO


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