The Charming Traditional House With A Transcendental Message | Innovation designer

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The Charming Traditional House With A Transcendental Message | Innovation designer

The basic design concept of this brilliant residence involves guidelines based on the principles of the domestic traditional sphere. The influence of indigenous culture in this house is a fine blend of classical and contemporary belief systems. The attractive and stylish manifestations of the concerned material in gold finishes have been beautifully used in the residence as per the client’s requirement. The design ensures the family members a place to unwind and take rest from the daily day pressures. Also, privacy was the main factor that shaped the planning and perseverance for the interiors of the home spaces. The charming traditional house is inspired and deeply rooted in a transcendental idea and massage.

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An engaging entrance gate with grooves finished in golden epoxy leads you to a double-height living space with an enormous area. The distinctive color scheme of spruce and white blends well with the textures of browns and overall gives a smoothing appearance.

The wall in front of the entrance gate is highlighted through strips of horizontal grooves as well as pining conventional Arabic geometrical patterns in a 1 mm thick SS plate in the gold finish on it. A similar lingo has been incorporated in every minute detail in the house. The gorgeous square-shaped central table in the living space emerges out to be a sculpture in itself.

The classic chandelier brightens up the entire room in addition to grace it brings to the living space accompanied by the ambient lighting system. The wooden TV unit blends admirably with the décor of the living which brings in contrast with the simple and elegant interior of the living. Space gets an ample amount of sunlight from the big windows. On the other side, the glass partition allows to maintain the privacy required for the private areas and still providing the feeling of openness. The white marble used for the flooring too caters to the same objective and lets you enjoy the generous space. The false ceilings of the living space possess some detailed grooves filled with gold metallic paint.

The next zone behind the buffed glass partitions comprises of the elite dining space adjacent to the kitchen and an alluring staircase which leads you to the first floor. The inviting dining looks very dignified and gives you a warm space to relax with your dear ones. The luxury dining furniture explores the right kind of adornment required for this place. Relatable Arabic patterns have been utilized for decorating the nearby wall with a 1mm thick SS plate in gold finish.

This turns out to be the perfect place to relish meals with all the members of the family. Again, the dining table is an exquisite center-piece with a playful geometric wooden base accentuated with a similar marble top. The adjoining kitchen serves the source of prudent interiors, which looks very subtle with white back-painted glass for the storage cabinets. The fascinating crockery storage of glass keeps the everyday utensils in the display.

LED Light underneath the staircase riser makes this area a striking corner in the house.

The master bedroom allows the members to feel grounded and contemporary while playing with light linear stroke patterns. Such strokes are visible on the walls of invariant materials. The TV unit used has got such 6mm thick gold finish SS strips. Space is beautified with the large mirror on the wall at one side of the bed. Anybody will fall in love with the blue colored headboard syncing efficiently with the blue hues of the floral-printed fabrics used for the curtains.   The pendant lights hanging from the ceiling make the whole bedroom feel a bit more daunting. The golden leaves entice anybody visiting the room. The sofa sittings with floral fabric covers in the corner provide an extra sitting space in the corner.

The other bedroom has an identical color pallet with hues of blues. The background of each room has been treated differently. For instance, the kinds of room flaunt the significant geometrical pattern with pretty color combinations giving it a vibrant look.   The overall interior is working together making an influential style statement for the chic interior décor.


Firm: Innovation designer

Principal Designer: ID Akram Arabiyani

Client Name: Rafiq Vadiawala (Super)

Location: Ahmedabad

Area: 2200 Sq.ft

Type Of Project: Residential Interior

Project Year: 2019

Photo Courtesy: Umang Shah

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