4 Bad Habits blocking your drain

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Sydney recognizes the value of possessing drains as they not only eliminate wastewater but also reduce the risk of contamination, odor and respiratory pollutants. As a result, if the pipe is partially or entirely obstructed, it might cause problems such as reduced water pressure, flooding, slow drainage, and you may even be liable under the Sydney Local Government Act 1993 or Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997. It may be a tragedy if left unaddressed, but sometimes we are the ones who are causing a blocked drain.

Below are five bad habits that could lead to a blocked drain in sydney

Using garbage disposal as a trash can

Among the most common Sydney homeowners’ missteps every day is throwing all kinds of food scraps to the garbage disposal, thinking it will finely ground. Sadly, improper waste management is among the major cause of blocked drain in Sydney, not considering the damage by the disposal process, which, as per the City of Sydney, will deliver over 200,000 tons of waste to landfill sites per year by 2030.


Chemical cleaning products

It surprises most Sydney residents to discover that chemical cleaning supplies sold in nearby Bunnings Warehouse as easy solutions for blocked drains can cause enormous harm to their plumbing. Although they may quickly move the sewage again, they often chip away inside the pipes, causing them to be more vulnerable to breakage and creating significant and costly harm to the water system. If your house has a sewage system, the compounds in these chemical cleaners can also destroy waste-eating bacteria that enable septic tanks to handle waste efficiently.


DIY plumbing

While there is nothing wrong with doing basic repairs at home, plumbing is an intricate system that needs to coordinate many aspects to work properly. There are many avenues for an overeager DIYer to cause significant damage to their household plumbing, from unintentionally damaging valves to misaligning various fittings. If in doubt, it is always best to call a qualified plumbing company in Sydney before jumping in with both feet.

Flushing foreign objects

The blocked toilet is perhaps the most common challenge facing plumbers regularly. Regardless of how many times residents are told not to throw away anything but toilet paper and human waste, a multitude of odd items makes their way down the gutter each year. The primary issue is that the toilet drain dumps into the central drainage system of the house, and once it backs up, it will also block the whole household.

Wet wipes are costing Sydney Water $8 million every year in cleaning efforts, so don’t believe brands that sell items that claim “flushable.” Most of these are manufactured from plastics that do not disintegrate quickly, and although they do not block the toilet, they will be stuck deeper down the sewage.Make use of effective fosa ecologica septic tanks to avoid blockages. These blockages are challenging to manage and require a skilled plumber with equipment to physically remove the blockage.

Maintaining your Sydney home’s plumbing in perfect working shape does not have to be a complicated task. With a little preparation and some sound judgment, you will prevent harmful clogging and the need for costly repairs. If you end up encountering problems, the wisest action is to contact a professional plumbing contractor in Sydney to evaluate the situation.

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