The Brick Cladded Exterior Encloses A Luxurious Family Home | RAINBOW DESIGNERS & ASSOCIATES

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Projecting volumes, a Greece-themed recreational area and massive cantilevers make up the BrickHaus by RDA that was designed using the principles of Brutalism. The brick cladded exterior encloses a luxurious family home spread across a plot of 5750 sq.ft. This house offers this secure sense of ‘home’ to the family by creating for them a world within itself which is humble and luxurious at the same time.

The Brick Cladded Exterior Encloses A Luxurious Family Home | Rainbow Designers & Associates

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The house balances a modern form and facade with a dramatic, luxurious interior—fitting for a private, close-knit family of 5, celebrating their extravagant lifestyle. The home’s design connects the home to its context but is articulated with modern building techniques, materials and innovative detailing. The various zones were carefully positioned with respect to environmental factors such as prevailing winds, sun angles, and balancing privacy and view. The windows around the house frame views of the beautiful natural setting and other components of the home itself.

While designing, we often try to understand the user group’s personality. The concept was to design a home that could incorporate the needs of this family. What meets the eye at the very entrance of this two-storied house is the use of spatial volumes to enhance the human experience. This projection of carefully curated volumes gives you only a hint of the spatial drama that lies ahead.

The entrance staircase leads into the voluminous, double-heighted living spaces, which provide a sense of grandness upon entering this residence. The first floor is organized such that there is a continuous visual link in the north-south direction, from the entrance to the kitchen at the south-east rear of the house

An open plan has been followed throughout all the floors in this residence. These spaces are 15 ft high, which provide sweeping views of the integrated landscape in the form of green terraces.

A staircase leads into the recreational spaces, on the ground floor whose focal point is the swimming pool. The home owner’s driving aspiration for the project was the integration of a swimming pool inspired by Santorini.

Amongst all Mediterranean decor styles, the simple Greek Santorini decor style is fascinating with its white washed walls, accenting space over things and bringing in shades of blue from the sea and sky.The pool area is designed in the same manner. It serves as a recreational zone for the family to host parties or spend quality time with one another.

The luxurious yet intriguing quality of spaces was achieved by the harmonious combination of aesthetic white walls with material textures like stone, metal and fabric.

The juxtaposition of these natural and unnatural elements is what makes this residence a captivating visual treat. It is at this juncture that a design; skilfully crafted to stimulate senses, commissioned to serve the intended functions, advances to be satisfying and appealing on a ‘human’ level.

The rooftop garden was inspired by the hills in Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary. The garden incorporates the exposed brick cladding, maintaining the overall language of the house

The mounds in the landscape, inspired by the Ralamandal Hills, bring in sinuous curves which soften the hardness of the built volumes. It is designed in a manner that allows the family to take in the beautiful cityscape of Indore and the surrounding hills, building a relationship with nature.

The terrace garden, which becomes a peaceful getaway for each family member on a regular day, transforms into an activity zone and comes alive during gatherings.


Designed by : Rainbow Designers & Associates

Project Type : Residential

Project Name : The BrickHaus

Location : Indore, Madhya Pradesh

Year Built : 2022

Duration of project : 2018-22

Plot Area : 5750 sq.ft

Built up : 16000 sq.ft

Project Size : 5750 sq.ft

Project Cost : 10 cr

Principal Architects : Vikrant Bhawsar & Sapna Bhawsar

Team Design Credits : Rahul Ojha, Anmol Sharma, Tasmay Bhawsar & Tanishq Bhawsar

Photograph Courtesy : Akshit Garg

Products / Materials / Vendors : Finishes – Exposed Brick- Godra, Plaster, HPL / Wallcovering / Cladding – Exposed Brick- Godra / Construction Materials – Exposed Brick- Godra, Concrete / Lighting – Tisva Lightings / Doors and Partitions – Inhouse / Sanitaryware – Hansgrohe / Facade Systems – Inhouse / Windows – Fenesta / Furniture – Stanley, Cuckcooo / Flooring – Aclass Marble / Kitchen – Nolte / Artefacts – Armonia Indore / Paint – dulux Paints / Wallpaper – Masureel / Hardware – Hettich.

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