The Bird House: A Fine Balance of Calm & Glam in this Contemporary Home | Design Foundation

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The project involved an 800-square-yard contemporary home that was partially constructed. Our scope of work was to provide complete architecture and interior design consultancy for the residence.

The Bird House: A Fine Balance of Calm & Glam in this Contemporary Home | Design Foundation

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An existing facade of this contemporary home had to be given a facelift, old walls had to be knocked down, new walls had to be constructed along with some serious structure analysis of this very old building. While breaking down one of the existing slab we found earthen clay pots used in it for insulation purpose, which is an age old method to keep the houses cool in the scorching heat of Rajasthan.

This house we designed for a family of 5. Parents, 2 beautiful girls and their grandmother. The house has two floors. The ground floor has the Living room, dining room, kitchen, family lounge and guest bedroom and the second floor has the private spaces like the bedrooms and study room.

The color palette used here is earthy browns in the leather wall panelling, brown stone inlays in the otherwise plain white flooring, veneer wooden partition screen and the upholstery fabrics. Glamour is added with gold accents in the form of brass inlays in floor and ceiling along with a pop of blue used in the accent chairs and ottoman.

The living room opens up to a green lawn which can be used for morning tea, evening drinks and some relaxation time on a good weather day. 

The lounge area is an extension of the living room hence it uses a similar palette of earthy color tones. A bright back lit onyx wall cladding adds the color pop here and the wooden battens running from ceiling to wall form the feature element here which have eye ball lights at the ends which create a dramatic effect on the wall. The design language of the house is modern and contemporary. Neutral colors are used in the larger elements like the flooring, ceilings and wall panellings. Color is introduced through a few furniture items, curtains and upholstery. 

The dining space and living room is divided by a sliding door partition which was designed by using a delicate sheer cloth sandwiched between glass panels. Once the partition is opened the whole space becomes one and can house a big gathering. 

The family likes to entertain a lot and some serious cooking happens at the household on a daily basis. Hence a big utility based kitchen was designed for them. The kitchen has two seperate cooking hobs (designed this for the first time in my career), one hob dedicated for tea coffee preparation and the other for food. 

The client needed a no fuss kitchen with clean lines and a monochromatic look. We have used tones of beige and brown for this space. Brown and beige cabinetry along with brown floor and beige speckled counter top stone.

Master Bedroom

The most glamorous room of the house has a glossy PU-finished bed back wall with gold profile work. The furniture also uses a lot of gold accents with a color shock of mustard yellow used in the round revolving chairs and study chair.

Mothers Bedroom

Following pursuit of the neutral color scheme this room also falls in the beige family. A tonal play take place here with various tones of beige being used in the wall paints, marble flooring, wardrobe color and even the furniture used.

Kids Bedroom

This bedroom is designed for two beautiful girls. The bedroom has a color scheme of blush pink and white along with wood collars used in the bay window, ceiling and flooring.

Fact File

Designed by: Design Foundation

Project Type: Residence Architecture & Design

Project Name: The Bird House

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

Year Built: 2020

Duration of project: 1.5 year

Project Size: 6000 Sq.ft

Project Cost Appx: 3 Crore

Principal Architect: Sparshi Gupta

Photograph Courtesy: Siddharth Kejriwal

Products & Materials: Doors and Partitions: Durian | Sanitaryware: Duravit, Grohe | Flooring: Rk Marble | Kitchen: Hacker-India | Paint: Asian Paints | Hardware: JB Gupta Hardware

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