The Angular Plan Contemporary Bungalow At Pune | Sparc Design

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The Angular Plan Contemporary Bungalow At Pune | Sparc Design

When the client, Mr.pinjani came to Sparc Design, he was very skeptical about his plot being fully utilized when designed to a house as the plot was oddly shaped.

The Client always knew that they wanted a contemporary design that should have a sloping roof, Water Bodies, lot of light and ventilation.

This 5000 sqft plot is odd shaped, it is at a crossroad with a sculptural fountain. We began with orienting the bungalow exactly along the axes facing the fountain and capturing the plot in totality.

The entire plot along with its side margins, has been treated as the ground floor  , The landscape, has been designed  in such a way that it blurs the boundary of the exterior with the interior,be it the water bodies at the entrance , the master bed appears to float on the water body or the green spaces that one looks into as you open any window .

White and wood textured with hues of grey, dominate the exterior spaces.

The angular plan gives rise to various angular planes and shapes, which have been enhanced in several elements right from the built form to the skylights, to the landscape and also into minute interior detailing.

The detailing begins at the entrance gate, with angular groove detailing. As one approaches the main door, two triangular water bodies, half outside the house and half inside, finished in silver and mirror finish tiling enhance the double height entrance door, the glass window slits rest inside the water bodies. These water bodies provide a passive cooling effect when the wind blows over these and bring the cool air into the house. An acrylic tree sculpture becomes the focal point of this double height entrance lobby. The double height on either side is enhanced with angular cut mirror detailing and the skylights above this double height entrance space create an interesting play of light and shadow.

As one moves into the central open space or the heart of the home, an intricate facade fenestration(opening) detail creates a dramatic play of light and shadow into the entire house. This jaali detail is made of wood and stone blocks placed at different angles to create this dramatic effect. The veneered ceiling offsets the white satvario used in the flooring, in strong contrast to a textured black and white stone which creating an inverse effect of the satvario flooring. The railing leading up to the first floor is made in criss-cross wooden battens and the wall behind is created with angular metal inserts right till the upper floor. The linear profile lighting further adds length to this entire space.

On the left is the living room which looks out into a beautiful vertical garden. Two steel sculptures frame the living space, the triangles come into play again forming a pattern from the ceiling to the opposite wall.

The office space adjacent to this space has a separate entry. The furniture pieces have been carefully detailed to look like boxes, chamfered at the edges to reveal veneer detailing.

The powder room in its blue and white theme has blue tiles and a blue agate wash basin to match with it.

The  Kitchen in a modular German kitchen, in back-painted Glass shutters contrasted in matt finished orange back painted glass.

Every home has a coveted feature, which is the highlight or the conversation starter.The master bedroom pulls the exterior inside with a waterbody outside that comes right under the bed, to make it look like the bed is floating on water. While there is marble cladding in most of the master bedroom, a part of the bedroom looks like a wooden cube which is further juxtaposed by the water body and the landscape blurring the exterior and the interior boundary.

The angular spaces have been used for storages and the bed, as well as the TV unit, has faux leather detailing.

As one moves to the first floor the angular jaali along with the angular metal strip wall tie the house from the ground floor to the upper floor.

The double height space in the family entertainment area has a stretch fabric ceiling which flows along with the slope of the roof and creates a skylight like an effect at any given time in the day.

The guest room has intricately curved handle detail in the solid surface material. It took several trials to get this detail right, as it did to create a similar ceiling which matches the entire peel off effect in this space.

The daughter’s bedroom has been conceptualized in hues of white and mauve. A carefully selected slab of marble was split and a mirror inserted into this gap to form the bed back.

Led strips are detailed into the bed and study table unit, and careful attention has been paid to use all the nooks and corners in grey, mauve, and silver detailing.

The son’s bedroom is a monochromatic theme with hues of brown- Added by a  faux leather chair and wallpaper. A retractable skylight allows the sun to peep into the room at will. A tree-moon sculpture forms the back drop for an underlit bed. Study space, storages, and ceiling follow black and white detailing ..which further carries itself into the tile groove pattern in the exterior.

To make the closet look luxurious tinted mirror along with linear LED Lighting has been used.

The terrace has a small deck and barbeque place. An angular pergola matches the angular built form of the bungalow.

Overall, this bungalow begins from the boundary walls, flows into the plan and rises further to form the structure, creating integrated and beautiful living spaces and its essence providing meaning to all forms! It is an expression of dreams, visions, and experiences of the owner, the architect and all the many consultants involved in bringing it to life!

Fact file

Architectural firm: Sparc Design

Typology: Residential interior

Name of Project: Indrakunj: Contemporary bungalow at Magarpatta City, Pune

Area : 7,500 sqft

Architect: Suhani lal Sanghra(Principal Architect )

Site Location: Magarpatta city, Pune

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