How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garden Room?

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A garden room is a beautiful addition to your home residence. As you can guess by the name, it is a room built in the garden of your home. It is a separate entity from your house, and it is a standalone structure built to last. Garden rooms are a luxury addition to your home that adds some much-needed utility and depth. The question in many homeowners’ minds is how much it would cost to build such a room.

While the cost to build a garden room differs for each room and contractor, it is helpful to have a general idea of how much it would cost you before you ask for a quotation. Garden room installation companies usually provide a pricing guide for you to use as a basis for your own building. Using this, you can get a rough idea of the cost to build your dream garden room.

Pricing Factors

The price of construction for a garden room is dependent on many factors. There is the build of your garden room that can cost more or less than others. Furthermore, your contractor may be expensive, or you may opt for a more cost-friendly contractor. Nevertheless, these are the factors that you should be paying attention to as these affect the cost of your garden room:

  • The size of your garden room
  • The garden room’s design
  • Construction
  • Materials used in the building
  • The features of your garden room

Average Cost

A garden room cost varies primarily due to the factors mentioned above. However, garden room construction experts have estimated that the average installation cost for a quality garden room is around 15k-16k euros. Therefore, it is pretty challenging to give you an idea of how much the garden room you have in your mind will cost without receiving a proper quotation.

You can expect this 15-16k euro estimation to be the middle ground in terms of garden room costs. For this amount, you could get a fully functioning and top-quality garden room. Experts have estimated that this amount covers everything from taxes to installation. It covers the cost of sliding doors, a functional window, oak flooring, and insulation. This price will also allow electrical wiring and heating.

The price calculated by experts serves as a decent reference point for the average cost of garden rooms. Of course, if you want something more extravagant than described, you can expect to be paying more than the estimated price. Likewise, you can always opt for more cost-friendly options and work within a budget.

Working with a Budget

You can always create a garden room that fits your budget. Finding suitable suppliers and contractors are essential as they can reduce the price by a significant amount. The cheapest option for a garden room is a shed that you can adapt to fit your desired wants and needs. Remember to consider the factors listed above and keep an eye on how you can save money. It is best that you do not cut corners when choosing an installation company, however, as they will be the ones providing the quality to your garden room.