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The key to any design is capturing the spirit of the client”, as the quote says this residence reflects the free and joyful spirit of the client in terms of the vibrant colors used in the residence which is balanced by the neutral surroundings and elements of modern interiors. On entering towards the house, the foyer area comprised of an Italian flooring with a grid patterned inlay in brass. The wooden safety door is flushed with the paneling in fluting pattern.

A Colorful Abode of Modern Interiors | Designbox Studio

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In the entrance foyer of the house a statement painting is present which is accompanied with an asymmetric hanging light which acts as a art piece in the foyer. A punch of vibrant yellow in the living space lifts up the mood of the ambience with the use of neutral tone in the soft furnishings and furniture around it.


The key factor of the living space is the circular partition created between the living area and the dining space with greenery in it. A custom-made wallpaper has been used in the backdrop of the tv unit panel which adds the much-needed texture in the common space. Circle as a shape has been used as a key element of the concept and has been used in the entire project in varied forms.

A circular stone backdrop with combination of veneer has been used in the parents room. The warm color palate used in the space is balanced out with the light dyed veneer used in the back panel of the bed.

The kids room has a vibrant play of color with the combination of yellow and greys. The random fluting pattern behind the bed adds a playful texture in the kids room. The fluting pattern has been used in the toilet as well with a combination of statuario stone.

A Japanese bed has been designed in another room with a circular niche above it in a highlighting rust color. Emperado bronze stone with heritage tiles has been used in the attached toilet leaving an ever-lasting impact on the space.

The master room has a popping burgundy shade with a grey backdrop with combination of black nickel mirror. The half-round molding used on the tv unit drawers is balanced out with the sleek shelfing pattern around the tv. A black and white inlay pattern has been created the toilet which is accompanied by half-round molding pattern used on the shutters of the dressing area in the toilet. So, this residence depicts the jolly and fun-loving attitude of the client by the use of vibrant color-scheme in each corner of the house yet keeping it balanced with the neutral use of colors and veneers.

Fact File

Designed By: Designbox Studio

Typology: Residence Interior Design

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Built: 2021

Duration: 4 Months

Size: 4200 sq.ft.

Principal Designer: Jagruti Sonkhia

Photography Credits: Piyush Rathod

Firm’s Instagram Link: Designbox Studio

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