• “Tarang”, A 3BHK Modern Home With Traditional Indian Elements | Design Khidkee

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    In this 1370 sq. ft. (3BHK) apartment unit in Western Ahmedabad; waves (“तरंग”) of patterns reflect the vibrant (yet traditional) spirit of its users, a modern family of four. The family has lived abroad (for a good part of their lives) and was rediscovering their lives back home (in India). Though this called for a modern approach towards the design functionalities the family seemed rooted in Indian traditions, hence the right approach was to amalgamate and create the best of both worlds for “Tarang”, a 3bhk Modern home with traditional Indian elements.

    “Tarang”, A 3BHK Modern Home With Traditional Indian Elements | Design Khidkee

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    Conceptually the design approach was to maintain the modernity in design language through its material and color palate and bring the traditional side of the family into the spaces through elements. The idea was to translate the exuberance of the family in the spaces using different compositions of shapes, reflective finishes, and a splash of bold colors; while keeping the base pallet minimalistic. Compositions of linear grooves, circular and capsule shapes in the panels, and partitions; and the use of greys and pearl white as the base and complementing hues of pastels reflect the concept exclusively.

    The concept is boldly used in the entry foyer and formal living space. The wall piece and partition in the entry foyer, and the panel and partition in the living space all are heavily composed using patterns and complemented with a brass metal finish, pastel shades, and greys.

    While the concept is evident in the entry foyer and formal living area, it keeps getting subtle as you move further into the house.

    For instance, in the family room and dining area it is used subtly through the heavy use of dark wood, solid grey upholstery, and textured stone veneer paired with golden grooving, mainly to make it full of warmth and adaptable to the family.

    Informal living and dining spaces collectively form the family area. While the partition provides required privacy to this space, the element of a stepped fluted ceiling connects the spaces. The concept is used very subtly in this space so that the family can personalize it for their daily use.

    The formal living room balances the joyful yet sophisticated side of the host family. While the colorful upholstery and the composition of patterns on paneling and partition along with the fluted ceiling make the space vibrant; the touch of grey, dark wood and brass finish on metal makes it classy.

    As food brings the family together, the kitchen becomes an extension of the family area. To compensate for the lack of natural light, the kitchen is washed in bright shades of ivory.

    The Master bedroom becomes a space for the couple to unwind; the subtle hues of sea green and grey combined with walnut wood inlay grooves, along with design elements like (cozy) corner seating aid this idea. The Idea was to make the master-bedroom a space where the couple can unwind at the end of the day.

    The mellow shades of sea green and grey with hint of walnut wood make the space calming. While, the continuity in patterns, such as the wood inlayed grooves and fluted base make the space almost rhythmic. The wood inlayed grooves also serve the purpose of handles on wardrobe panel.

    All the elements like wardrobe, bed, corner seating and dressing, are bind together with a subtle use of wood (the wooden plane running horizontally through these elements). This integration of elements helps to make the space cozy.

    In the Guest room, the theme of natural wood, cobalt blue, and grey represents the host family’s warm hospitality, flamboyance, and elegance respectively. Here the monotony of plain solid surfaces is balanced through the minimalistic pattern of vertical lines, which further extend onto the ceiling to form lighting fixtures.

    Moreover, the playful geometric patterns in the upholstery (on the bed-back) and wallpaper (on the TV paneling) enhance the aesthetics of the room. Other functional elements like a folding work desk, dressing unit (capsuled shaped mirror), and hanging rod are seamlessly integrated into the overall composition of the space.

    The room is for a pair of young siblings and reflects their childhood fantasy of an ideal room in a functional yet playful manner. The room beams with cheerful pastel shades complemented with light teakwood.

    Bunk beds (with an option of a pull out bed at the bottom), the composition of shelves (above the study desk) and bed-back cushioning, and integrated storage units (at the edge of the wardrobe and bed) are the (playful yet functional) design elements through which we have attempted at fulfilling the siblings’ vision.


    Designed by : Design Khidkee

    Project Type : Residential Interior

    Project Name : Tarang (तरंग)

    Location : Maple Tree Housing (Ganesh Housing), Sattadhar, Sola, Ahmedabad

    Year Built : 2021

    Duration of project : 1 year

    Project Size : 1370 sq.ft

    Project Cost : 20 lakhs

    Principal Architects :, Avisha Shah & Tanvi Jain, Arham Jain & Suhas Chaudhari

    Photograph Courtesy : Pranay Salecha Photography

    Products / Materials / Vendors : Lighting – Resilience Enterprise (Owner-Kushal Shah), Ahmedabad Furniture – Shreem Furniture and Interior / Paint – Royaltouch / Wallpaper – Any Touch Coverings (Owner-Kaushal Soni), Ahmedabad / Hardware – Swaraj Hardware, Ahmedabad

    Firm’s Instagram Link : Design Khidkee


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