Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG

Rejuvenating The Graveyard | Award Winning Entry At INSDAG The life of an architecture student is so busy that finding out time some time for some other works or competitions is same as finding out a diamond from a coal mine. We tried to do it and attempted a national competition for students of architecture[Read More]

Nomad School Design
school design

Nomad School Design Great ambition in a small scale : We attempt to design a innovative small scale building that can offer a presence of the great ambition of ISS project. Relative to this grand education network that intends to expand across all India, each school will be an education terminal, powered by distributed network,[Read More]

Bangalore International Convention Centre | Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design

Bangalore International Convention Centre designed by Yazdani Studio of Cannon Design   Inspired by the nature of silk weaving, a traditional industry in Bangalore, a discernable architectural ground plane weaves both built and landscaped elements into a rich tapestry of spaces and experiences.  This ground plane comprised of entrance plazas, event terraces, landscaped courtyards and gardens,[Read More]

Lion Safari Park by Archohm Design Studio

Lion Safari Park is designed by Archohm Design studio with the intention to help the Asian lion, a species almost extinct in many areas of India. Lion Safari Park is situated near the town of Etawah, located on the banks of Yamuna River in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.   Description by Archohm Design Studio: Conceptualized[Read More]